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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pancake Day

I just love it everytime mummy asks me this question: "Do you want to eat........ (smiles at me and lets me fill in the blank)?" I know she's always referring to something that I like.

Today, mummy filled in the above blanks with... PANCAKES. I was sooooo delighted, I told her "I want to eat it NOW!"

Everytime mummy makes pancakes, I will eat it for my morning snack, lunch (plus other add-ons) and afternoon snack. I can eat 5-6 pieces in one sitting! I think I can easily polish up this whole plate if mummy doesn't stop me...

I like my mini pancakes plain, without any jam, kaya, honey, syrup or any other spreads or toppings.

Mmmm.... better savour this to the max cos mummy doesn't make this very often...


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaah sedap! chloe, pls leave some for me!!!

  2. oh .... you make so much! 2 days ago I make pancakes too but it took me 2 hours just to finished the portion like what you have done in your picture, sigh!


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