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Friday, June 5, 2009

Masak-masak Part II

When mummy first bought me this masak-masak set, I was so hooked on it, I played with it practically everyday. After about a week, when I finally got bored of it, it was put aside, abandoned and forgotten...

... until 3 days ago when I took it out to play again. For 3 consecutive days (today is the 3rd day), I got hooked again on this long-forgotten toy.

The sitting chef... frying fish on my little stove

I like to ask mummy "What do you want to eat? I cook for you". I always cook this fish, which I would then split into two and say "We share this fish, ok?" *Aww... mummy thinks this is such a sweet gesture*

My signature dish... fried "hollow fish"

When pretending to "eat" the strawberry or the orange, sometimes I will say "Mmmm, very sweet!" and sometimes "Mmmm.... very sour!" So imaginative. When eating the banana, I will peel its imaginary skin first hahaha.

Sometimes, mummy will test me and ask me to cook the banana (or any of the other fruits) and I'll say "Nooooo... you cannot cook a banana". Well, maybe that's because I have yet to know what a pisang goreng is...

(Left pic) Why am I protecting the chopping board? If that's a real knife, cham lor. (Right pic) After mummy has taught me the proper way of holding the corn

Part 1 is here.


  1. weeeeeei, im looking for somtin like tis too! mana beli?

  2. Oh ... this set is cute too!! So many variety :)

  3. I wanna get a set like this for Gwen too. Chloe is one smart gal. :)


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