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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Don't Want the Esophagus

I quite enjoy eating asparagus in whatever ways that mummy cooks for me. However, on this particular day, one of the ingredients in my favourite noodle is asparagus. Not wanting anything else to "spoil" the taste of my favourite noodle, I told mummy "I don't want the esophagus. Please take out the esophagus for me".

Mummy asked me to repeat it again and tuned her ears carefully to my words:

Me: The esophagus.... I don't want it...
Mummy: I'm sorry dear, whether you like it or not, mummy can't take out your esophagus for you haha :-p

I don't know why I keep mispronouncing asparagus as esophagus. According to mummy, the word esophagus is equally hard to pronounce but I always get it right instead.

Esophagus, anyone? Heh heh heh...


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