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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Painting the Town Purple

Err... painting the bathroom wall, actually. Today's activity is inspired by this mummy (actually mummy copy-cat her). When mummy first came across this idea, she thought "Never in a million years!". I think I understand why... because every month, she spends hours sweating and toiling in the bathroom to scrub and polish the bathroom tiles!

But then, she's also quite kiasu. When she saw those kids having so much fun, she wanted me to have that messy kind of fun too. Putting away her cleanaholic thoughts for once, she decided to do the same. Coincidentally, the monthly washing and scrubbing was also due, so she thought "Aiyah... why not?

I kept asking mummy "Why use hand? Why cannot use the brush?"

I was so careful about not getting myself soiled...I did not have a single drop of colour on my body at all (except for my hands).

Mummy look, my hand is sooooooo dirty. Let's stop. I wanna take my bath now. Fussy, fussy... (can't help it, it's in the genes)

The 3 dollops of primary colours became this. What appeared on the wall was mostly purple.

Tada... my masterpiece! Does it look like a tornado? or maybe something just went *splat* on the wall leaving its handprints on the sides?

In the end, it wasn't mummy who felt stressed over the mess. It was... surprise, surprise... me! Judging from my look, it's quite unlikely that I'd want to do it again.


  1. Not bad at all, very 'artistic' indeed! Too bad our bathroom didn’t have white tiles or else, it should be real fun!

  2. Hehe... Chloe shame, shame(not wearing clothes)! Very imaginative creation by Chloe, I love it! Adore her smile at the 2nd picture, very sweet! ^-^


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