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Monday, June 29, 2009

My Little Red Chair

At last. I finally got my little red chair to match my little red table. It was bought and lugged home by Kau-foo all the way from Singapore.

After our 7th or 8th futile attempt to get this chair from the Ikea here (something is VERY wrong with their re-stocking system here), mummy gave up trying and asked Kau-foo to get it for us from Singapore. Plus, it's cheaper too, even after the currency conversion!

New chair, new ugly face

... and new passion to do my homework

Thank you, Kau-foo! I like it very much and I've been extra diligent in doing my "homework" since I got the chair, be it writing, drawing or colouring.


  1. Wow..She can write?? Is she going to kindie yet?

  2. Mummy Gwen, no, she can't write yet. Still practicing. Should be attending kindie next year, if our plans go well :-)


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