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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Self-Created Joke

Today, I decided to give the nursery rhyme Row, Row, Row Your Boat a little twist by making fun of the song...

Row, row, row your poooooooot
Who fart? Hahahahaha!!

I don't know what others think about my self-created joke but to me, I thought it was really funny. I kept repeating it and couldn't stop laughing. Hahahaha!

(I think daddy and mummy found it funny too cos I caught them giggling away at a corner)


  1. Hahahahaha ...... a 2 year old can do that??

  2. MommyAngel, surprisingly, yes! ;-) Actually I'll be turning 3 next month.

  3. She is very clever and good in her speeches. I'm very impressed. Gwen is lagging behind lah.

  4. hahahhaha! she very keng ah!


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