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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Out Of Control Part 2

This afternoon, I pleaded with mummy to let me play with the remote-control car again. Although the antenna is broken, it's still functioning. However, mummy decided to hide the truth and didn't want to let me play with it. The lesson was not over yet...

Me: I want to play with the remote-control car.
Mummy: It's spoilt. You broke it, remember?
Me: Can you fix it for me?
Mummy: I don't know how to fix it. I'm not Handy Manny, you know?
Me: *Smile* Use the cellophane tape la...
Mummy: Hahaha... no dear, you can't fix it with cellophane tape.
Me: Why cannot?
Mummy: Cannot means cannot (dunno how to explain why)
Me: What about glue?
Mummy: Hahaha... glue also cannot!
Me: Eehh (protesting noise) Glue can...
Mummy: No. Cannot. It's broken. Cannot be repaired. Do you still want to break any more things?
Me: No.
Mummy: *Hands me another toy* Nah... go and break it... go.
Me: Eehh (protesting noise) Don't want...

I think I've learnt my lesson. The problem now is to bury the lesson deep inside my head and stop being a repeat offender, which is the hardest thing to do...


  1. Mummy really not gonna let her play with the remote control car? She is so smart with her remarks..haha.

  2. haha Handy Manny I wish you are, so that you can fix all broken toys and save $$ to buy new one :)


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