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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Room, New Bed

My new bed finally arrived today, just in time for it to be my birthday present (tomorrow) hehe...

The bed occupies nearly 1/3 of the remaining space (minus the built-in wardrobe) in my bedroom! That's how small my room is...

The lower trundle bed will be used to catch me just in case I roll off my bed. So far, I'm quite a good sleeper. I don't move much when I'm asleep.

I love my new room and new bed very, very much. I kept telling mummy "I love my bed. I love it! Thank you, mummy. Thank you, daddy".

I wanted to take my afternoon nap on it but couldn't fall asleep after playing on it for nearly 2 hours! I was too happy and over-excited! In the end, mummy had to "shoo" me to the sofa where I fell asleep almost instantly...


  1. How much u bought? looks nice.. the bed..

  2. Nice bed... :) Looks very spacious for her size.... hopefully she'll able to sleep on her own... I sleep with my two girls...

  3. wow..i love the bed. where you got the princess & hello kitty bedsheet?

  4. hey nice bed wor... where to buy and how much!!!!

  5. Very nice bed and the hello kitty bedsheet is so sweet.

  6. Little Prince's Mummy, the bed costs RM1399 + RM100 delivery charge.

    Linda, of course it's spacious cos it's meant for an adult hehe ;-) She's very, very eager to sleep on her own... let's see how long this "hangat2 tahi ayam" lasts hehehe...

    Vivian, the Princess bedsheet is from Aussino while the HK is from Parkson (at Times Square, I think)

    Family First, we bought the bed from Harvey Norman but I guess it's also available elsewhere, in most furniture shops. As for the price, see above...

    Thanks, Mummy Moon :-)

  7. Such a nice bed! Oooh, can I sleep over sometimes? :)

  8. The bed is sooo nice. I like the Hello Kitty bedsheet!! Did she sleeps on the bed alone at night?

  9. im living with my in law, so the house no room for my little girl.. just let her sleep on her own single bed. wanted to get cute cute bed sheet for her to attract her la, but at the end, my hands r the most precious for her. without my hands, she refused to sleep on single bed..

    aiyo, like this how i train her to sleep in separate room la if i hav any..

    chloe, u really good n brave girl ya..


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