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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mr Men Play Dough

It's play dough day again. Being an ardent fan of the Mr Men, mummy made these...


  1. wow you're really good! everything looks exactly like the book cover :)

  2. wow, your mommy is really good. Mr. Men look so real and cute :)

  3. Hi Chloe Mum, thanks for following my blog and your comment.

    The shape of the dough makes so real and neat as exactly to the Mr. Men. Nice work!

  4. Wow..I'm impressed with MUmmy's talent. Look exactly like all the Mr. Men.

    How did you make it the lines so fine? Amazing.

  5. Woh, It is so amazing, mummy is so good in this making of Mr Men. How you did it!

    Haha, I am so bad in this play dough, I couldn't make something nice with my home made play dough. So I just give them all and let them play themselves.

  6. OMG!! Everything are so neat and look exactly like the book! I've yet to made my own play dough for YX. I think he will love it.

  7. wao.. MUMMY learn art b4? making it so nice....

  8. Fantastic artwork. Two thumbs up!
    How you do those fingers, perfect :)
    Do drop by my blog when u r online, cheers...


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