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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Toddler In A Child's Body

I almost never wore newborn clothing even when I was a newborn. On my full-moon, I was already wearing sizes 6-12M. At age 1, I wore sizes 2-3T and when I was around 2 years old, I wore sizes 4T-5T.

Now, at 3 years 3 months, I am already outgrowing many of my 4T-5T clothes. I am currently wearing clothes meant for 7-9 year old kids!

I'm actually not that big-sized, only a little taller than some of my peers but why can't I fit into clothes meant for my age? This one, have to ask the clothing designers and makers... why do they make the clothes so small? (some brands have really small cuttings)

7-9 years, no kidding!

See how snugly it fits me?

And this... (for 7-8 years)

And this too... (for 7-8 years)

And a many, many more.


  1. because after washing it shrunk???? my son still wearing 0-3 months old shirt ...

  2. Har!!!!! for 7-8 years!!!!! It fits chloe perfectly well wor!~

  3. I've also noticed a few times when shopping for children clothings.

  4. Wow..Chloe must be a very tall girl. Cannot be wor...Gwen is wearing the sizes meant for her age. She is older than Chloe by 2 months.

    How about skirts and pants?

  5. ooo...7-8 years old clothing? that's fast. actually i think the cutting for local brands like poney are rather small eventhough the label says it's for 3-4 or 4-5. My friend bought a Poney long sleeve top for Ashley and label says 5-6 years old but fits her just right only. However, when i get her those from FOS, clothes that fit her are those for her age.

  6. woh, she reaLLY need to wear a few size bigger? She is such a tall girl!
    My girl still wear poney size 2-3 only leh

  7. lol.. good! coz ethan's short pants are still those from 6 months old punya...

  8. Little Lamb, cannot be lor... cos takkan ALL also shirnk so much? 0-3 months baju still can wear? You've got to be kidding! haha!

    Little Prince's Mummy, cannot believe leh! Hehe.

    mNhl, your boy wears few sizes larger too? (cos I noticed that he's very tall too)

    Mumym Gwen, can be lah :p Chloe memang taller than many kids her age, including those much older. For skirts, she can still wear 3-4T cos her waist is quite slim. As for pants, she also needs bigger sizes for the added length.

    Mummy to Chumsy, Yeah, most of her clothes are from FOS too. I find that even foreign brands like Gap, Old Navy etc. aren't that big either. 5T also ngam2 fit only :-)

    Mummy Moon, ya lor... soon, I can even buy adult clothes for her haha!

    Merryn, wah 6M punya still can wear? Good also la... can jimat a bit :p Buy one time, wear long long haha.

  9. Chloe must be a big girl...size 7 also can fit her well.

  10. hehe... tall lil chloe. my lil krys also pakai 4T or 5T now... tinggi jugak :)

  11. Breanna also never wear NB size. she is now wearing 12 to 18 months when she is only 8 months... aiyo, meaning hoh, Aunty Cynthia wearing XL, not that I fat la.. just the size overly done.. muahaha... :p

  12. Wow, she really can fit in those cloth beyond her age...she must b tall..I only buy 1-2 age size bigger for my boy..


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