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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hinting for a Snack

I'm not really a snack person. I don't always request for snacks but sometimes, when I do have a snack-attack, I will try to ask mummy for something, in a very sneaky and indirect way.

I will pretend to be as lifeless as possible and limp a little while moaning...

"I don't have energy... Heeeeelp... I don't have anymore energy...." Haha.

I usually snack on biscuits, nuts & seeds, baby rice crackers and unsweetened cereals. Here are some of my favourites...

And these:

Sometimes, mummy would buy me healthy-looking organic biscuits too. Most of the time, I am not keen on them (because they are so bland and tasteless) and these snacks always end up in mummy's tummy instead.


  1. Wah! Very healthy snacks. Did you buy those biscuits at special Organic shop?

  2. cheeky. Where did you buy the Goldfish biscuits? It's a famous brand in the US.

  3. mNhl, healthy ar? I'm quite a health-freak actually heh heh. As long as it's not colourful, no MSG, no preservatives, I'm ok with it. I bought the organic biscuit from Cold Storage.

    Mummy Gwen, you can get the Goldfish biscuit almost everywhere... Giant, Tesco, Cold Storage etc. I usually buy the Cheddar with 30% less sodium (light blue) as it's not that salty.

  4. hehehe.. I like the goldfish too! and even Breanna will have a few bite.. yes, the less sodium ones are better... I saw it on promotion in Central.. grab like nobody business.. muahaha..

  5. hmmm... the goldfish biscuits looks interesting, will keep a lookout for it :)


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