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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All About the Boat

Throughout my nearly 1-week stay in Seremban, I never stopped playing with the boat, not even for a day. Gung-gung suggested that we do something fun with it today. In the evening, when the weather was good, Gung-gung, Kau-foo, mummy and I went to the Lake Garden.

Evening walk with Kau-foo

Lugging the boat with us, we walked and walked in search of the perfect slope. We found a few...

... some were not steep enough and some were too steep

This was the best...
Weeeeeeeeeeeee! It was fun!


  1. much fun. i bet you want to stay there longer eh?

  2. much activities n so many ppl to jaga u can rest too..heehhehe

  3. Wah..very fun lah. Aunty want to borrow your sampan..can? LOL

  4. Wow adventurous girl like those ppl playing sand surfing...

  5. Chloe is so daring!!! I don't think YX dare to do that. Btw, never been to the Lake Garden. Is it next to the A&W?

  6. Was that a huge leave Chloe was sitting on? My girls will love to try that. They've asked me where they can go down on a slope with a cardbard / leave before.

  7. Very fun eh! I saw ppl playing this in Bukit Jalil park sometimes back! We will try one day hehe

  8. Wow! Love this! Reminds me of my younger time when toys were natural and free of charge!

  9. brave girl Chloe! Wow, so many activities with the "boat"!


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