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Friday, October 23, 2009

Cousins From Abroad Part II

After becoming good buddies with cousin Nathan for 2 full days, I started talking, playing and behaving very differently. I was so much like a boy!

The most noticeable thing was, I kept holding a make-believe gun (it could be anything), pointed it at someone and said "Hands up!" or "Don't move" or "I'll shoot you!" or "Shoot the crocodiles!" or "Shoot this, shoot that, bang-bang here, bang-bang there" etc. *mummy shakes head* Luckily this didn't last long. A few days later, no more bang-bang here and there haha! Phew!

Kill the crocodiles! Imaginary crocodiles in the imaginary river.

We practically "lived" in this sampan for 2 whole days. Haha!

Gung-gung also lit up the lantern for us to play

Celebrating Alyssa mei-mei's belated 2nd birthday


  1. Wah..that's good. Chloe is not shy after all. :D She just needs to warm up first.

  2. slowly ler, chloe tengah observe the situasi mah... haha!


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