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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cousins From Abroad

Mummy's main intention of bringing me back to Seremban in the middle of the week was to meet up with some of my cousins from Australia.

As usual, I was the timid little mouse who didn't talk to any of them and while they played happily, I just watched quietly from a corner.

Watching the pillow-fight between Nathan and Kai Yin

After standing for quite some time, I sat down and continued watching quietly (and smiling at their antics) from there.

I didn't join them at all, probably because I found the game a little too rough for me.

Still sitting and watching...

Later, when no one was looking, I sneaked up quietly to one of my favourite cousins, ZK, and gave him a very loving hug. I liked him sooooo much that I couldn't keep my hands off him! Mummy's eyes nearly popped out when she saw me all over him like this...

Aww... so innocently cute!

Some of my actions were even too obscene to be posted here haha! (cos daddy didn't allow it, haha!)


  1. Oh Chloe must be very good friend with this little boy ZK!

  2. Wah..that's so cute..haha. Holding on so tight to his dear cousin. :P

  3. LOL! What is Chloe doing?? u sure u did not learnt it from mummy & daddy? hahaha....

  4. ahaaaahaaaahaaahaaaaahaah...that's a good one, Chloe :D


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