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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Gung-gung stumbled upon this huge and sturdy leaf (dunno from what tree/plant) while playing golf at the golf course. With me in his mind, he dragged it all the way home, touched-up a little bit here and there (smoothen the rough and sharp edges) and then TADA... a new toy for me!

This boat kept me really busy and occupied. It gave me hours and hours of fun as I just couldn't stop playing with it! I used the back-scratcher as an oar and kept rowing the boat while singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat. I even asked gung-gung "Where is the river? Let's go to the river" Hahaha! Every few minutes, after the completion of a "cruise", I'd clean it while chanting "wash, wash, wash, scrub, scrub, scrub, rinse, rinse, rinse, wipe, wipe, wipe etc.!"

Dayung sampan...

I also loaded some of my toys in it and pretended to sell things like one of those floating market peddlars...

I even put on a make-believe helmet... a plastic container haha.

And this was how I drained out poor Gung-gung's energy... by making him pull me around the house like this...

At times, I even yelled "faster, faster!" *Mummy shakes head*


  1. wah, kong kong must love you lots wor!

  2. Wah...gung-gung so creative eh. The leaf really look like a sampan. Gung-gung got backache or not after the hardwork of pulling the sampan..hehe. Sure deserve a massage.

  3. ahhh...very nice. your gung gung is really creative. it does look like a sampan. *row row row the sampan*

  4. Wow..a huge leaf!! And this is really a wonderful new toy for Chloe! Gong gong dotes on you a lot. Just like gong gong dotes on YX and XJ.

  5. Your boat is an "upeh pinang". I believe it's the "cover" of a palm tree's flowers. I also believe it's a very popular game when your gung-gung was your age :o).

  6. wahseh, keng la gung2. like tat also can! hahahaha! cool "sampan"

  7. Hahaha... the boat looks real!! Your gong gong is very thougthful and creatvie.


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