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Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday at Friday's

Today is yet another anniversary of daddy and mummy's special day so daddy came home early from work and off we went to TGIF at Sunway Pyramid for dinner. Eating out on a weekday was a rare treat so we really had a blast!

Posing in front of the astronaut. We later gave up this nice seat because it was too close to the bar and daddy and mummy couldn't stand the heavy ciggie smoke pollution

Drinking the clam chowder with a fork (because it was too hot) We moved to the back of the restaurant which was quieter and had a nice window view.

If you're happy and you know it smile like this *smile* *smile*

Kids eat free so I had a free meal of chicken fingers. It was a very fun, relaxing, happy and enjoyable slow dinner and we took nearly 2 hours to finish our heavy meals! *Burp*


  1. Wow...another aniversary..congrats!! Chloe suddenly like to pose for the camera huh..very sweet and cute. :)

  2. banyaknya anniversary. anniversary for what occasion this time? :p

    haven't been to Friday's for some time. Next time ask Daddy and Mummy to bring you there on your birthday. You get free mudcake and got all the gor gor and jeh jeh all stomping and singing happy birthday to you ;)

  3. oh..what anniversary eh? anyway..congrats :D

    i have yet to taste the clam chowder at TGIF. I heard it's really good.

  4. What a loving couple. U guys celebrate all the anniversaries?? I love TGIF too... Nice atmosphere and nice meal!

  5. *Shy* It's our 10th ROM anniversary... We try to make all our special days special, whenever possible :-)

  6. haha... so many anniversaries. which is good, enjoy everyday with yr loved ones kan?

  7. Me and my husband also a big fans of TGIF, but we never been to the Pyramid branch. My fren told that they have a very bad service.


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