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Friday, October 16, 2009

Sleeping on the Job

Two posts back to back about my sleeping style... Well here's the latest one, which is freshly taken out from the camera. I am still sleeping in this position while this post is being typed and published!

Well, it has been a very long afternoon. I refused to take my nap again and made a big mess at home. I was repeatedly asked and even threatened with a cane, to pick up my toys, especially the Donkey cards, which were strewn all over the sofa. While picking them up one by one, I found the job too tedious so I dozed off just like that... in a matter of seconds!

Sleeping on the teddy bear... so bulky and uncomfy, like that also can sleep *mummy shakes head*

What better way to run away from chores! See, I was still holding on to the Donkey card box and there were only 5 cards inside haha!


  1. Chloe is sleeping so soundly..sweet. Gwen doesn't nap anymore. Sometimes she is tired but she just won't ended up napping in the car if we go out in the evening.

  2. hehe haha.. mommy oh mommy.. wait till she grows up n see this! lol.. hahahhahahaa..

  3. Oh Chloe loves Donkey cards so much huh! Still holding the box when sleeping.

  4. Wah! Chloe can really sleep just like that!!! So she could escape picking up the cards. hehehe...

  5. Now I know why mommy and daddy can shopping for so long the other day at One Utama...She can sleep at anywhere and anytime:-)


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