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Monday, October 12, 2009

More of the Sleeping Unbeauty

Here's more of the Sleeping Un-beauty in action...

Legs up...

Legs down... sleeping on an uneven surface, with my legs resting on the lower trundle, buried under the bolster

Another uneven surface...

On my stroller: Legs up again (dunno how I did this) with hands clasped together haha!

Made a big fuss when mummy asked me to take my afternoon nap. I kept telling her "I AM NOT TIRED!" A few minutes later, nap jugak... like this hehe!


  1. Hahaha....that's good she can sleep anywhere! Wah..Chloe still sits on the stroller ah? Gwen stopped using since 2 years old.

    P/S: Mummy also kaki shopping huh..can see the MNG paperbag there..hehe.

  2. hahhaa.. so cute.. these pics will be priceless when she grows up.. can put on her wedding dinner night.. hahaa..

    btw, coming from
    Ipoh.. :)

  3. Hey MummyGwen, your eyes are so sharp... like this oso you can see ;-) Yes, this girl and her stroller are inseparable cos our shopping outings can be ridiculously long (from morning til nite) hehe! She sits, eats, sleeps on it... and it's a very handy shopping cart too :-)

    Reanaclaire, wedding dinner slide show? Hmm... dun wanna shock her future MIL lah haha!

  4. hahahahha...that's a lot of poses. She can sleep even on uneven bed? Amazing..:D

  5. hahaha.. her sleeping postures are just great! and did the stroller just out grown her?

  6. hahaha....the last picture really makes me laugh. Like that also can sleep arr.....

  7. Ya agreed that good for her that can fall asleep anywhere. My 2 kids will not sleep in stroller during shopping hours. They only doze off after get in the car.

  8. I like the last photo. Chloe looked so cute in the sleeping position.

    I guess it is easier for mommy to bring Chloe to kai kai as she able to fall asleep easily at anywhere at at anytime. :-)

    I wonder does she takes nap daily?

  9. Cynthia, yes! She has outgrown the stroller long ago :p but she still wanna sit and sleep on it

    Sarah's D&M, yeah, it's quite easy and convenient for us when we go out cos she can sleep just about anywhere... stroller, car, sofa, hotel etc. She still naps daily, min 1 hour, max 3 hours :-)

  10. ahahaha.... LOL! She really can sleep anywhere hor? good! My girl refuse to nap also lately, but she only can sleep in lying down position leh.


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