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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bubbles in the Park

I love bubbles although I've yet to experience the joy of blowing them. I'm still not able to produce that gush of air through blowing.

Mummy bought me this Thomas bubble maker quite some time ago, thinking that I could mechanically wind it to produce bubbles. However, I was more interested in running after them, jumping and popping them rather than producing them!

Weeeeeeeee! This is fun!


  1. Hehe...Gwen also likes to do that. It's fun to them. :)

  2. Yeah kids love to play with bubbles and it makes great pictures!! :D

  3. wow!! bubbles!!! go to Tesco and buy the 1 litre liquid. Less than RM 8. Can blow till u out of breath! hahaha


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