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Friday, October 9, 2009

But I Don't Even Like Lollipops

Today, for the second time, I "earned" a lollipop from a stranger again through my charms. (First time was here). I was busy looking at some fish in an aquarium with daddy when a lady happened to walk past and I smiled at her. A few minutes later, the lady returned with a lollipop for me!

Later, at home, I kept asking for my lollipop. I was happy and eager with just holding and admiring it. I was not interested in eating it at all. Out of curiosity, I just tasted it with the tip of my tongue and said "Not nice. Got poison". Hahaha!

That's how mummy have been brainwashing me... that the colouring was bad, got poison, the sugar was bad, could cause tooth decay etc. so I've never really got interested in sweets.

We still have a packet of organic lollipops sitting in our fridge! Now, how shall we get rid of all these lollipops?


  1. heheheh...good girl. i have been brainwashing ashley too ;) so far so good and she'll just hold it.

  2. wah, mummy's brainwashing really works. hahah... so cute lah, she said got poison!

  3. Talking about lollipops..I just remembered that my brother gave one gigantic one to Gwen on Mooncake festival. I almost forgot about it..haha. I'm hiding it from Gwen. She asked me what it's for..LOL.

  4. Ohh...i will never introduce sweets to YX too but ppl around us always give him sweets. Can't stop him from eating them but only can limit him the quantity.

  5. Organic lollipops..something new to me. I wonder does it taste sweet too?

    Sarah also like Chloe. She prefer to hold on to it than eating it.

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