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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Morning Tears

Every morning, it is a must for daddy to kiss and hug me before he leaves for work. This is how important the morning goodbye is. However, there are days when daddy forgets about this ritual or he simply does not want to disrupt my sweet slumber. Sometimes I am fine with it but sometimes I am not!

This morning, I woke up, leaped out of bed and frantically dashed to the living room, searching for daddy. Realizing that I was too late and that he had already left for work, I burst into heavy tears. Sleepy-head and lazy-bum mummy just ignored me until my loud bawl was reduced to quiet sobs...

Kesian *mummy's heart broke a little*

Sitting at my "naughty corner" with a very sad and pathetic look, I muttered to mummy "I want my daddy *sniffle*" Awww... She quickly scooped me into her loving arms and gave me all the hugs and kisses that I wanted, on daddy's behalf. I felt so comforted and loved, I could finally smile again...

Tears on the floor


  1. Aww....Chloe misses Daddy so much. *sniff sniff* Is she OK if Daddy goes outstation/overseas?

    Gwen never look for Daddy but once a while she will tell me she misses Daddy and when Daddy comes home from SG she will stick to him like glue.

  2. oh poor thing. really daddy's girl huh? never mind, daddy will shower all his kisses when he's back :D

  3. Oh.. look at her tears... so kesian! Daddy must feel very happy that his little girl love him so much!

  4. adoi, kesian her... u kiss2 her to maximum lor :)

  5. Awwww....poor Chloe. At least there is mummy around to hug you. Recently, YX also started to practise the 'morning goodbye' before we left for work. Otherwise, he will be crying until MIL called us. After talking to him, he will be fine.

  6. Wah! Tears on the floor somemore.. poor Chloe... Don't cry la.. Daddy will be back very soon, after he finish work...

  7. aww... so kesian. *hugs*

    my son was the other way round... "I want my mummy!"

  8. Poor girl *hugs*

    Daddy will be back from work soon...then ask Daddy to sayang RuoYi back ok


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