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Friday, December 18, 2009

Ah Ma's 70th Birthday

It is Ah Ma's 70th birthday today. We went back to Seremban to give her love and warmth on her big day. At 70, Ah Ma is still as fit as a fiddle. She plays golf three times a week, practices qi-gong on the days that she doesn't play golf and goes line-dancing every week.

My favourite activity with Ah Ma is reading together. I love to bring books to her and ask her to read to me...

Ah Ma and I bonding during a reading session

To celebrate this special occasion, we had steamboat buffet for dinner.

Faster lah... I looked so bored while waiting for the soup to come to a boil

Yum-yum... I love sea-food!

Me and my No-Ordinary-Grandma

Our family gathering... the restaurant was very crowded and loud!

I had 2 ice-cream cones for dessert. Look at the messy chocolate stain on my clothes! Kau-foo said I should have taken only the vanilla flavour haha.

We enjoyed our dinner until nearly 10pm. It was followed by a cake-cutting session at home. That's the strawberry and blueberry yoghurt cake with prune toppings made by Aunty Cynthia.

Singing "Happy Birthday"

Gung-gung and Kau-foo's birthdays are also in December so it was actually a 3-in-1 celebration.

The 3 birthday boys and girl

It was a very happy day for every one of us. I had so much fun playing, talking and laughing that I refused to go to bed, until past midnight.


  1. terer nye Ah Ma, play golf lagi! wahseh, keep it up. wishing you many many more great bdays coming your way Ah Ma. happy belated bday!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday To Ah Ma!! Wah...Ah Ma very geng ah.

  3. Ah Ma very young and strong looking.

    Happy Belated Birthday to Ah Ma.

    You ordered the cake from Cynthia?


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