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Friday, December 18, 2009

When Ruoyi Met Rouyi

Meet little princess Breanna, my new friend. This cute little baby and I have something in common... we have (almost) the same Chinese name!

Hi, you're Rouyi? Well, I'm Ruoyi. Nice to meet you!

We finally met today because mummy had ordered a cake from Breanna's mummy, Aunty Cynthia. We went to their house today to collect the strawberry & blueberry yoghurt cake, on our way back to Seremban. It was a very brief 5-minute meeting so we didn't get to play with each other but I had the chance to hold her little hand and said hello to her. Hope we'll get to meet again soon :-)


  1. Look like a number of mommies ordered cakes from Cynthia! Chloe has a little new friend there!

  2. it's nice to meet you too!! you are such a sweet girl... :D

  3. sweet. YEs..Aunty Cynthia can make very yummy cakes!

  4. So ngam, Chloe and Breanna has a similar chinese name.


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