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Thursday, December 17, 2009

What's For Lunch?

Besides the healthy fruits and veggie platter that we eat almost everyday, here are some of the simple and nutritious meals that mummy cooks for me everyday, for lunch. Because I have very simple tastebuds and I dislike overly flavourful food, I eat practically the same old thing everyday...

Alphabet pasta in carrot, potato and corn soup (anchovies base)

Beehoon in beetroot soup with fish paste, carrot, organic spinach and free-range chicken egg

Stir-fried meesua with free-range chicken egg, carrot and organic broccoli

Vehicles pasta soup with free-range chicken, carrot, potato and green vege (forgot what vege)

Noodles in free-range chicken and beetroot soup with pumpkin, free-range chicken egg, shredded chicken, beetroot slices and organic siew pak choy

Alphabet pasta soup with fish paste, free-range chicken egg, carrot, cauliflower and organic cabbage

Meesua soup with homemade free-range pork meatballs, carrot, potato, Chinese cabbage and organic choy-sum

Grainy porridge with fish (white pomfret), carrot and organic spinach (por-choy)

Fried brown rice with free-range chicken egg, carrot, lady's finger, organic purple cabbage and diced homemade fish cake

Homemade (except the bun) organic soya burger with carrot, onion, corn, scallion and tomato

Mixed platter - Steamed corn with butter, carrot sticks, fried free-range chicken egg with organic spinach and plain bun

Steamed Norwegian salmon with Italian herbs & butter, with French beans and baked garlic potato wedges

Steamed fish paste with corn and organic spinach, pumpkin with herbs and organic cherry tomatoes

Lightly panfried fish and potato cutlet with fried French beans egg

I like home-cooked meals more than anything else and enjoy my food well. So far, feeding me has been quite a breeze (touch wood!) hehe.


  1. what's a good mommy ! Really like mommy cooking.

  2. can u make more next time? then freeze it? then i come collect from u.. loook so nice and delicious. i hv not updated philip food liao lazy...cos i didnt cook ma

  3. wahseh, u really health freak man! the food looks really good :)

  4. good gal chloe for eating mummy's yummy and healthy food :) good job mummy :)

  5. wah.... u cook alot of differrent type for ur daughter Good!

    i dont have much idea to cook for my daughter.... mmm need to steal some idea from u liao hehehe

  6. Thumbs up. So healthy and looks so yummy. Chloe is such a good girl. She is not a fussy eater at all. Thanks for the awesome healthy tips.

  7. All dishes looks yummy! And so healthy and balanced too... good job, mummy! :-)

  8. Scary! lol.. why? Coz now I know I've been feeding Ethan 'not too healthy' food! Yikes! Must change menu.. starting from... tomorrow.. mebe next week, after the long weekend.. :P

  9. oh boy, the meals are really delicious and healthy :)

  10. The meals look so healthy and yummy! I feel so paiseh because I hardly prepare so healthy food for my kids. can share recipe of the home made soya burger?

  11. She eats very healthy!! I am glad to know that she likes home cook meal and how I wish my Angel could be like that too :) Keep up the good work Chloe :)

  12. good girl coz you like mummy's food... good mummy coz she cook so well for you!! lucky lucky girl.. :D

  13. Chloe is very very good girl, she just sapu whatever mommy cooked for her. And mommy is very good too, cooked all the delicious and healthy meal for her.


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