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Friday, December 25, 2009

Beryl's Chocolate Wonderland

We spent the whole day at Sunway Pyramid today. The main attraction here was this Beryl's Chocolate Wonderland. It felt like a mini Genting and I had a great time playing on almost all the rides.

We didn't know about the Wonderland at first, so mummy "wasted" RM1 sharing this mini carousel with another kid haha

Sitting on the choo-choo chocolate train

Riding on the stationary sleigh

Kiddy car ride

Queuing up for the Ferris Wheel

The up-down-round-and-round ride

The big and "real" carousel

The "animal choo-choo train" with a mini tv screen, showing Tom & Jerry cartoon


  1. We were there too..hehe. Looks like Chloe went on most of the rides..haha. Gwen only wanted to sit on the animal train and ferris wheel.

  2. hahaha... think krys will go nuts if she sees all these la!

  3. wow....din know there is such place in Sunway!


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