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Friday, December 25, 2009

Clumsiness Comes With a Price

Nice to see, nice to hold. Once broken, considered sold.

The above phrase was applied for the first time in our lives today!

It happened in Jusco, Sunway Pyramid, when I was playing with some Christmas snow globes. Under mummy’s strict supervision, she made sure that I handled each one with extra care. After playing, mummy even praised me for being so gentle and careful.

The place where it happened...

While turning around to leave, dunno how, my arm somehow moved too swiftly and in a split second, I had swept a few of the plastic snow globes off the display shelf and onto the floor. Crash! When I looked down, my shoes and the lower part of my pants were soaked. Gosh!

Soon, the sales assistant arrived to inspect the damaged item (luckily only ONE broke) and told mummy “I’m sorry ma’am. You have to pay for this.” Mummy was so embarrassed and angry (at me for putting her in the spot), she quickly went to pay for the broken item and left in a hurry. Luckily it was only RM8.90, after discount. Phew!

Despite being extra cautious, accidents could still happen. I was so extremely terrified over the whole incident, I quickly climbed onto my stroller, closed my eyes and fell asleep almost instantly. Mummy didn’t get the chance to nag me. How clever, huh?

A broken present for Christmas...


  1. phew, luckily just RM8.90, if RM 89.90, i think ur Mummy will KILL u...hehehe

  2. hmmm its nobody's fault..just accident.

  3. yes..luckily it wasn't expensive and chloe was not hurt. if it was glass, then pretty dangerous. Chloe is very smart to fall asleep real fast on the stroller..hahahahaha

  4. Oh luckily is RM8.90. Yes last few days while shop with C at JJ, Sunway Pyramid (I guess almost the same spot) she checking the souvenior, mugs & etc. I really need to keep my eyes on her else same scenario like yours.

  5. matter how careful we are, accidents do happen. Phew..luckily it was RM8.90 only. You know what, Gwen also likes to play with the globes. I better stay away from these places next time.

    P/S: were at SP the whole but still we couldn't bump into each other.

  6. nasib oni 8.90, and she is not hurt. i see this dept, i walk faaaaaar away, cus i sked :(

  7. Luckily it's only RM8.90 or else, really burn a hole in mommy's pocket leh. But I guess it's not Chloe's fault ... sometimes we adult will break something in the market too if we are less careful as the other day, I saw a man broke a big bottle of juice in the hypermarket too :P

  8. Luckily only 1 of that broken and also luckily it is not so expansive one. But more than enough to buy the lesson. Be caution too, don't ever bring kids to houseware department selling glass, bowls and plates...

    Since young my parents don't bring us there and even just past by, make sure we not touch or even go near (like it will bite..hahaha) do now for mine, I never enter those place. Now after reading your experience, sourvenir also cannot go near.

  9. ChloeRuoyi, your mummy not buy any Christmas present for you? Hence, you try to make it happen?

    It is ok and learn from mistake and don't reply the mistake again.

    Your mummy still manage to take a photos there GENG! :p

  10. Rm8.90 ok lah. Mine broke my brand new tv cabinet glass door lah. So sakit hati.

  11. Luckily it is not an expensive item and luckily only one broken:-)

  12. certainly a moment to remember for the 2009 Christmas... :)

    RM8.90 bought a very precious lesson for Chloe to be extra careful next time.... worth it lah..


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