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Monday, February 22, 2010

Big Day, Small Celebration

It is mummy's birthday today. Daddy took a day off from work to spend the day with us... just the 3 of us. I went to school as usual in the morning. For the 1st time since I started school, I did not have to walk to school today. Daddy drove me to school. Yay!

After school, we went to Victoria Station for lunch. I think it felt more like MY birthday because I was very, very happy, excited and in a jolly good mood.

Instead of giving mummy a kiss, I got many, many from her...

Here's what we ate:
Seafood Au Gratin, Grilled Fish Fillet and Chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream (not in the picture)

After lunch, we went shopping at KLCC. Again, I was the happiest because I got to play with toys...

Helping myself to the toys in a toy room in Isetan

This is my latest craze... Vtech Disney video games. Actually I do not quite know how to play the games but I just love to push the joystick and simply press the buttons for fun.

Playing the Vtech video game in Toys R Us

In the Petrosains gift shop where mummy bought 4 small rubber dinosaurs for me

Of course, I was extremely overjoyed to see so many kiddy-rides around. I sat on each and everyone that I saw...

Snacking on my favourite Auntie Anne's pretzel, on my favourite Barney car

At the end of the day, mummy was still the happiest because every time she sees the happiness in me, the happiness in her multiplies many, many folds!


  1. Happy Birthday Hweili. Chloe look so sweet and feminine nowadays.

  2. Happy Birthday TO You, Hwei Li!!!! May all your dreams and wishes come true.

    Chloe is so happy in the pics. I like the Mummy and daughter pic..priceless. :)

    I didn't know KLCC has so many cool places for the kids.

  3. also small, it is really a meaningful day. a great day to spend just with yur love ones. happy birthday to you!

  4. Happy belated birthday. This is how many moms spend their birthday - making their kids happy :)

  5. Happy Belated Birthday, Mummy

    Uiks! true enough. It looks more like Chloe's birthday than Mummy's

  6. Happy Birthday Mommy Hwei Li dearest. glad u have a blast. still wanna ketuk you, cus u din call me when u were in KLCC. hehehe! jes kidding :)

  7. Happy belated birthday to your mummy.

    er... look like celebrate your birthday more than your mummy.

    You will very happy every year mummy's birthday come

  8. Wah, nice family outing. Happy Belated Birthday!

  9. Yes, it's true... my hubby always say, to make me happy, all he has to do is to make our kiddos happy! :-D.

    Sounds like a very nice celebration! Happy Belated Birthday, Mummy! :-D

  10. Hapie hapie Belated Birthday to you..

    Hahha...true true, it seems more like Chloe's birthday...

  11. Happy birthday to you!! heheh.. it looks more like the girl's birthday. But nvm lah, as long as Chloe happy, mummy's mood will automatically become happy too =) Mother's kiss is the sweetest!!

  12. happy belated birthday to chloe's mommy :D i think chloe enjoyed the day more...hahaahahh

  13. Happy Birthday, Chloe Mummy.. :)

  14. Happy Belated birthday mummy!! and I am sure mummy had a greatest celebration with you around right.. muahhaa.. that's the reason you got so many many kisses.. :D

  15. Happy birthday mummy. Even it is really really late, but late is better than never. haha... And it is really great to celebrate with your own family. I bet you have a great time.

  16. Happy Birthday HweeiLi.
    Chole big girl leow. Nice in this white dress.

  17. Happy belated birthday to you...your birthdate is so easy to remember 22/2..hehe..

    I'm sure all of you have a great day just simply look at Chloe, how happy she is...

  18. sei lor...i miss you birthday post..

    HweiLi, Happy Happy Birthday. May God continue to grant you the best of health. Best Wishes.


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