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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Big and the Beautiful

We had a family gathering cum house-warming party in Koo-Gong's (mummy's 3rd Kau-foo/maternal uncle) new house today. The house is HUGE and absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I told mummy "I like this house. I want to come again" when we left hehe...

All by myself in the tastefully furnished living room (we were the 1st to arrive)

Relaxing in the backyard lounge with Ah Ma

My favourite thing in the house has got to be this cute little wooden rocking horse that belongs to Tabitha yi-yi. Tabitha yi-yi used to ride on this when she was a baby.

Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross...

Ying yi-yi wanted to have a photo taken with all the kids. It was really difficult getting the younger kids to sit still... they kept running away haha! This was the only clear shot that daddy managed to take...

Ying yi-yi and the kids

We had a very scrumptious buffet dinner there. After a hearty meal, we decided to take a walk to the look-out point nearby. We had to climb many, many flights of stairs to reach the top *pant* *pant* *pant* Luckily we were rewarded with some refreshing cool breeze and a magnificent night view of KL city from the viewing platform.

Walk, walk, walk, all the way up...

Earlier, I quietly asked mummy "Can I hug ZK?" Err... again? The last time I hugged him, I went a little overboard hehe. We meet quite often and I love playing with him. Today, on the viewing platform, I really felt on top of the world, literally.

First, we just held hands like this...

Then we danced the night away. Awww.....


  1. Very big and beautiful house. The little horsie looks so tiny with Chloe sitting on it..hehe.

    Ying yi-yi is so pretty. Mummy, where is your pic..hehe?

  2. ying ying looks so happy! :) i wish i could've been home to celebrate CNY with you all. :(

  3. wow!!!! wat a really beautiful looks so happy!!

  4. The house and surroundings look very beautiful. Where's the area?

  5. Nice and big house. After schooling she are more active and mixing well with her peer. So nice to see them holding hands jumping & dancing happily.

  6. hahaha so young dating oledi ar... not good!

    ask you mummy to change to big house as well lo... : (


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