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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Playdough Day

On the 1st day of CNY, we stayed at home the whole day (at Mah-Mah's house) so what did we do? Luckily we brought along some toys to keep ourselves occupied. Playdough was one of them. After making the Mr Men playdough quite some time ago, mummy decided to make the Little Miss this time. However, she managed to come up with only 3 characters...

I did these... (using cutters and with a bit of help from mummy)

And Hayley jie-jie did these...


  1. Wow...impressive! Mummy well done. Actually, all the creations are very good.

  2. wah muumy, very nicely done wor. pandai le

  3. Wow... mummy is very talented! If you didn't tell me mummy made these, I would have thought you bought them ready made. The kiddos' creations are very good too :-)

  4. next time post the step by step how you make the little miss can ah? Very nice leh...
    Chloe also make something cute.
    And Hayley jie jie one also nice

  5. Looks like EVERYBODY was having fun! :)

  6. i wonder mummy do most or chloe do..ehehheb

  7. look cute! after make... cannot remake again? because the color is mixed right.


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