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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Braided Hair

I have very, very slow hair growth. I guess everyone knows that now. From birth until now, I have NEVER had a proper haircut! (cut as in, to shorten). So far, I've only had it trimmed a bit here and there, especially my fringe.

Well, finally, my hair is now long enough to be braided! Tada...

Neat and nice :-)

After 3.5 years, my hair is only this long (still this short)


  1. Cute leh, Chloe

    Why pouting mouth? Mommy plait it too tight is it?

  2. cute :) i love to see little girls in braids :D

  3. She looks so sweet with braided hair. :D

  4. i think braided hair girl look cute!

    beside look cute.. and look neat as well!

    not enough protein maybe is the cause of slow hair growth...

    tmr ask mummy to cook 2 eggs for your breakfast ok.

  5. hehe.. pretty girl.. mummy is good in braiding ah.. :D now my worry for Breanna, as she don't have much hair too..

  6. I prefer my girls hari short, save my money on shampoo, and save my time from decorating their hair... haha... But I admit girls do look prettier and cuter with hair nicely tied up.

  7. Nicely done! Little girl with long hair always look much prettier and cuter. ^_^

  8. smallkucing: Haha pouting mouth cos it was time to go to school and I still wanna watch tv lor :p

    MtC: Braid Ashley's hair and see. I'm sure she'll be much cuter!

    Mummy Gwen: Gwen's hair is so long. You can easily tie hers too :-)

    CH Voon: Huh? Really ar? But I take 1 egg and 24oz milk plus meat or fish everyday! Not enough protein meh? *scratch head* Haha :-)

    Cynthia: Breanna is still a baby ma :-) I think she has more hair than C when she was a baby. Don't worry la, it's cooler to have less hair. Easier to wash and dry too.

    Linda: True, true. Save shampoo haha. I think I prefer short hair too. Easier to jaga but I'd also like to see how she looks like with long hair. Been waiting 3.5 years for her hair to grow to this length!

    mnhl: Looked nice eh? You know what happened after school? One side was in a total mess and the rubber-band was missing haha!

  9. Wash hair everyday and the hair can grow fast hehe, This is what I see/ happen on Yan Yan hair. Anywhere, Chloe can Ban Leng Leng during this CNY! Mummy buys her more hair accesories ya!

  10. nice to have long hair so can tie ya...qiqi's hair so long now and she even refuse to let me trim any of it!


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