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Saturday, February 6, 2010

C2 - An After-Dinner Treat

It was dinnertime and I was struggling to finish my rice... until mummy said "You finish your rice, I'll give you C2".

C2? What's C2?

- C2 Cool & Clean is a range of high quality non-carbonated ready-to-drink fruit flavoured green tea. It is a healthier alternative to carbonated soft drink.
- Not made from powder or concentrates but brewed and bottled on the same day using pure, natural green tea leaves of the Camellia Sinensis variety, perfectly brewed to release their delicate flavour.
- 100% pure and natural green tea leaves are gently brewed to retain the antioxidants normally lost in other extraction processes. These powerful antioxidants, called "Cathechins" help fight the effects of stress by reducing cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system.
- Comes in 3 refreshing flavours - Apple, Lemon and Forest Fruit.
- Healthy and refreshing with a cool, clean taste that goes down light and easy.
- Packed in a convenient resealable 350ml PET bottle that you can "sip and seal" and drink "on the go".

Refreshingly 100% Natural Green Tea

Mummy rarely allows me to have this kind of drinks but since green tea has the least amount of caffeine and the highest amount of health benefits (powerful antioxidants), so why not?

Okay, I'll faster-faster finish my rice first...

Testing, testing... (trying out the Forest Fruit flavour)

Mmmmm... good!

Curious to try it out? Well, this drink is available in all 7-11 outlets, Mydin, Giant, Jusco or any shop near you.

Note: This is a somewhat "paid" post (paid in kind, not cash).


  1. Yup...joshua like forest fruit too :)

  2. Aiyo u ppl... so very the fast.. Need to chill first leh.. sudah chill ke??? aiyo.. mine.. ok ok.. i think i better go chill mine now..

  3. smallkucing: Hi5! :-)

    Merryn: Yeah! For the 1st time, we are faster than you :p We dumped it into the freezer for "express chilling"... couldn't wait to try it haha. Otherwise, add ice also can ma.

  4. This drink sounds good wor. Will try it out once back in KL.

    You girls bought the drinks together or what haha.

  5. grow up can be a actress.

    Earn a lot money one...

  6. Waah, must try... :) Post paid in kind? Hmmm...

  7. My hubby likes to chill drink in the freezer too! Hehe, From the pic I know she likes the drinks

  8. oh so yummy ya, ok I got to try that too.

  9. i just got mine this morning. dare not buka the cartoon yet otherwise my boys will be asking to finish the bottles, one by one. can't wait to hide it and try it soon myself!

  10. wah, so fast up de, a good example to us...hehe..

    Terry share the first bottle with me and I choose to start with Forest Fruit too. Quite like it.

  11. chloe looks so cute with her thumbs-up pose :) she really looks like she enjoys her drinks very much

  12. Oh i saw another blog with this drink's really famous, almost all houses have this drink. Should i get some also..

  13. Wowww, Chloe also a big fan of C2. I also Merryn posting the same drink in her blog and her son loves it.

    I must try it out and I guess Sarah will be another big fan of it:-)


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