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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Every year without fail, for 15 consecutive nights during CNY, we get to watch free firework displays from the bedroom or balcony of our home. Every time I hear the loud boom-boom sound of the fireworks, I'd run eagerly to the window or sliding door to watch...

And daddy/mummy would fiddle with the camera to come up with these shots...

Today is the last day of CNY, so goodbye fireworks. See you again next year!


  1. Nice to see the fireworks from high place nevertheless your own home :)

  2. So cool. I'm sure Chloe enjoyed it. This CNY, Gwen didn't get to see a single fireworks display.

  3. At my place, the fireworks peaks on the night of the 1st day of CNY and more on the 9th day. Then on the 15th, only a couple of baby fireworks went off. I guess they ran out of budget.

  4. The seen was so familiar here...we also get to watch many spots of firework playing at my apartment...and Terry too will run to the balcony to find the spot..and he does love watching it and clap when its finish..haha...

  5. good to stay at higher place and can enjoy the view.

    next year is 3rd February 2011!

  6. wahseh, nice shot le. here also everytime ping ping piang piang. hehe.. we get to see nice fireworks too from our balcony :)

  7. For Sarah, she will tried her best to hide away from seeing and hearing the loud sound:-(


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