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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Sleeping Un-beauty on a HOT Day

It was a very HOT afternoon... I was about to take my afternoon nap but couldn't fall asleep comfortably in the sweltering heat. I kept hinting to mummy "it's so hot.... it's very hot", hoping that she'd switch on the air-con for me.

*Fan, fan, fan* Fanning myself with a hand-fan

However, my manual hand-fan was just as good because I fell asleep soon after, without any further fuss, like this...

And then, about 10 minutes into my sleep, I sleep-walked! I got up, walked around the living room half-awake, returned to the sofa, plopped on it like this and continued with my warm slumber...

Hahaha! Like that also can! *Mummy shakes head*


  1. for me i also cannot sleep at this kind of hot weather....

    but turn on air cond... differeent story.

  2. oh dear..poor chloe. not tiring to sleep in this position? does she sleep-walk a lot?

  3. Oops..she did it again..haha..poor girl she must be very tired. Her room has no air cond?

  4. Good girl still can sleep without aircon. My girl got aircon or no aircon also cannot sleep, play wholeday.

  5. Aiyo...sleep walking ! hahah... and yes...the weather are very very very HOT.

  6. The day time weather is just unbearable these day and nothing better too at time normally I will on the air-con while we nap for like 2 hours...only for hot days...

    Can see her hair wet a bit there...mummy switch on air-con a while la...

  7. CH Voon: Same here la, with air-cond, can easily sleep 2-3 hours or even more!

    mtc: Haha, actually it's not exactly sleep-walking la.. she just got up, walked around, made a bit of noise and went back to sleep :-) and this doesn't happen often.

    Mummy Gwen: The bedrooms and living room all got air-cond and I do use them on hot days like this... but then, cannot possibly switch it on the whole day ma. Afternoon few hours, night few hours enough lor hehe..

    Linda: She used to play whole day and refused to nap too but since going to school, different story already :-)

    mnhl: Haha fake sleep-walking only la :p

    Lemonjude: Yes, I do switch on the air cond when cannot tahan. Otherwise install them for what, right? Haha! :-)

  8. These days are hot . But I also dun like my kids blow aircond too long hours. Some more I turn the temperature to 26 degrees at night time, siao kan. Yan yan always say the aircond not shu fook, hehe. lately she even fold up her long pants while sleeping.

  9. she has done it again! hehe...

  10. Fan fan till she was tired n dozzed cute ler

  11. Yea, I think Chloe is hot; I can see some sweat on her hair, hehe.


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