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Sunday, March 21, 2010

HK - Day 3

Woke up at 8am+ this morning. Our main agenda today was to meet up with FK Kau-foo (mummy's cousin who resides here with his family).

We went out quite early to hunt for breakfast. Just a few steps away from the hotel, we came across a dim-sum shop. It was full but as we entered, a family was leaving so we did not have to wait for a table. Then came the real challenge. The menu was all in Chinese and both daddy and mummy were Chinese illiterate! The staff there were really busy running around. Not wanting to bother them (we couldn't even catch their attention in the first place), we just ticked a few items on the menu at random... just main tikam.

Fooling around while waiting for our food... the service was quite slow and we waited quite a while

When the food finally arrived one by one, we were pleasantly surprised by what we had unknowingly picked... Ooh, got porridge. Ooh, got chee cheong fun. Got siu loong bao, char siu bao, fried nin-gou, and the last one, we did not order that but the waitress kept insisting that it was ours. So just makan lor... (we only paid for 5 items hehe)

The porridge came in a huge bowl and it was really yummy. It was bursting with "liu" (ingredients) like dried cuttlefish, big peanuts, dried scallop and fish. Overall, it was a good and satisfying meal and the price was very reasonable too (cheap, in fact), only HKD43 (RM18.70).

After a hearty breakfast, we walked to Harbour City to hop on a ferry to get to Central, Hong Kong island. So, more walking today...

Walk, stop, take photo, walk again...

La la la la la... happily walking with mummy...

My first ferry ride

We met FK Kau-foo, Anita Kam-mou and cousin Ishan shortly upon arrival at one of the piers. Auntie Anita recommended this Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus tour...

The rickshaw bus that we sat on

I refused to sit on the open upper deck so I cried and made a big fuss :(

Shame-shame... wailing loudly in front of so many people

To pacify me, daddy sat with me in the lower deck. I told him I was afraid of falling off the bus! Later, after much persuasion and reassurance, daddy managed to convince me that it was safe and alright to sit up there. See, mummy and everyone else were still there and no one had fallen off the bus. I finally obliged...

Smiling again...

I enjoyed the rest of the journey on the open upper deck. It was fun! The tour lasted 50 minutes but I spent only the last 15 minutes enjoying the breeze up here. Well, at least I tried...

Next, it was lunch time. More walking...

Both the dads carrying a kid each

Saw some cute dolls along the way

Kaufoo brought us to this very small and crammed shop for wantan noodles. It was fully occupied so we had to wait outside for a table...

Cute... Ishan and I holding hands just outside the shop

By looking at the crowd, we knew the noodles had to be good. It was, because I finished almost the whole bowl!

The noodle was very fine, springy and well-textured while the wantans were made with fresh, succulent whole prawns (no pork). Yummy! It was very pricey though, HKD30 (RM13) per bowl.

Eeeeeeeeek, cute bear... it was the mascot of a pizza chain

Later, we popped in a bakery for some snacks.

Left: Eating HK's popular "polo" bun in front of the bakery while waiting for the egg tarts Right: Mini egg tarts, hot from the oven

Reading in a cosy corner of a bookshop with Ishan

At the market where mummy bought some fruits

Finally, it was time to say goodbye to our lovely hosts. To FK Kau-foo and Auntie Anita, we would like to thank you again for your time, the lunch, the snacks, the sightseeing bus tour (kau-foo paid for everything) and your warm hospitality. We hope to see you again on your next trip back to Malaysia!

Exchanging goodbye hugs... so sweet!

We took the same ferry back to the mainland.

The Star Ferry that brought us to and back from HK island

We window-shopped a bit in the Harbour City mall.

Imitating Leapfrog's pose in ToysRUs haha...

Then we went out for an afternoon stroll along the harbour front.

Some colourful display at the harbour front

Left: Skyscrapers in the background covered by mist/haze
Right: Watching a street performance right beside the Hong Kong Museum of Art

At the Avenue of Stars, along the harbour front

Sitting behind the Hong Kong Space Museum

Next, we walked back to our hotel. It was about 15 minutes' walk from the harbour. Poor-daddy had to carry out the back-breaking task of carrying me from one end of the city to the other. And he's been doing this for the 3rd consecutive day today (good workout for him haha).

Sleeping in daddy's arms

Along the way, brief stops were necessary, especially if we happened to spot a vacant bench or chair...

Any place is a good place to sleep... including the sidewalk

After a short rest in the hotel, it was time to cari makan again... dinnertime. We went back to the same eating place as last night's. After walking up and down the street aimlessly, we just settled for the restaurant closest to us...

We ordered 2 set meals, which came with rice and 2 dishes - scrambled eggs with loads of shrimps & spring onion, and fish fillet with sweet corn, plus watercress soup and a pot of tea.

Again, the service here was very slow. After about 20 minutes of waiting, the smart lady boss quickly came over to give me something - a rubbery toy cow (maybe to apologize for the delay)

Me and my Black & White cow... press the belly, got moo-moo sound one

After dinner, we took a walk in HK's famous Temple Street night market. The things there did not attract us at all... they were mostly fake branded goods, watches, clothing, bags etc. We felt that our pasar malam here had more things to see and buy haha!

As usual, I was fascinated by all the cute toys

We preferred walking into shops and supermarkets. After some shopping, we went back to the hotel to rest.

In the elevator of the hotel

Oh yes, earlier in the day, mummy discovered some very precious "treasures" near the harbour. Being deprived of fresh fruits and veggies for so many days, these were indeed our much needed "treasures"...

Organic fresh fruits and veggies!

The organic purple carrots and organic cherry tomatoes were bought from an Organic Fair. The blueberries were bought from the market. The organic produce here were very cheap, about 50% cheaper than those in Malaysia so mummy bought a big bag as "supplements", to make up for our rather lack-of-vegetables diet.

(And does the Mickey bowl look familiar? Mummy "curi" from the Comet Cafe in DL yesterday. It's a plastic disposable that would have landed in a bin anyway...haha)


  1. Very good at "tikam" ah. Simply tikam also get nice dimsum. What's the square thing with black inti? Red bean "pau"?

    Ishan very "Lengzhai" leh. Your cousin?

    Happy that you had a great time there :)

  2. You guys kuat jalan, can walk for whole day..

    The best is main tikam also can choose suitable food to eat, but too bad, nothing on those har kau, siew mai time go read the menu with pic, then point at the pic..more easier like the one u have for dinner..

    Like those fruit and vege u bought there...especially purple carrot..

  3. Smallkucing: The "square" thing is actually pau with savoury glutinous rice inti with bits of char siew. Ishan and C are considered second cousins (her mummy and his daddy are cousins ma) :-)

    Judy: Haha no choice lo, don't jalan how to enjoy the sight-seeing? Ya, too bad no har-gau, siu-mai. Actually we could order that orally but then, full already. Even the char siu bao oso kena tapau :p

  4. A very eventful day.. too bad you didn't bring a stroller for chloe... a stroller not only can accomodate a sleepy and tired child, but also a place to hang all the shoppings.... haha

    I think your "tikam" ordering was very daring and fun....

    btw.. thank you for the links.. ;)

  5. My Hubby and I can't read Chinese too. I don't think we can tikam as good as you all..haha. Wah..the dim sum is very cheap.

    I'm surprised that their organic veges/fruits are cheaper than in KL. Mummy should buy more. ;)

  6. why don't you bring the stroller? Their service really bad?

  7. LOL on your dim sum ordering. I guess nest round you won't have problem with ordering as Chloe will in charge when she learn mandarin in school keke.

  8. Despite the crying episodes on the ricksaw bus, Chloe is indeed a good traveller.. she really kuat jalan, and the best part she can sleep at any places. The dim sum you ordered is nice and cheap!

  9. boy, the wanton noodles is making my mouth water. poor chloe did not have a place to nap and poor daddy had to carry her along the way :)

  10. walao, u ppl really can JALAN! hahahaha... and the fruits looks good :)


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