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Monday, March 22, 2010

Kowloon Park - Final Day in HK

Today is our final day in Hong Kong. Since our flight home was in the afternoon (3.30pm), we decided to spend the morning at Kowloon Park. It was less than 10 minutes' walk away from our hotel.

Come on, let's go...

Fish ponds and pagodas at the Chinese garden

The beautiful flower garden

The children's playground

There was a mini aviary there too.

Some of the birds there

There was a huge swimming pool (part of a sports complex) somewhere in the middle of the park...

Can I swim here? I want to swim here...

We found another maze here! (The first was in Disneyland Hotel 2 days ago)

I loved the maze!

Like father, like daughter...

Shady, relaxing and scenic

Taking a rest

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped for brunch in a tiny little shop. We had Cart Noodles...

Not bad. We ordered two bowls with different ingredients and shared out the varieties. Each bowl cost HKD18 (RM7.80)

We returned to the hotel to gather our belongings (already packed-up in advance) and waited for our pre-arranged transport to get to the airport.

Bye-bye HK...

The plane that we boarded


  1. the noodles seems to be cheap :). Love the photo of Chloe resting with daddy :)

  2. Wow..this park is soooo also perfect. The swimming pool is quite big too. Nice place. I like Chloe's jacket. :)

  3. Wah... you even have time to squeeze going to the park in the morning.

    Both daddy and daughter wore blue tops.... very matching indeed.. :)

  4. Must have been a really fun-filled holiday. Always sad to leave though...

  5. Wow..finally get to read ur post on HK trip...what a nice and enjoyable trip..

    Longing for one also....

  6. Awww...holidays ended very fast ya.

  7. wow, the cart noodles sure look yummy. you can tell that i'm a big noodle fan :D i'm surprised the little shop has English menu :) The ones we been to last time..only had Chinese and we had to ask the waiter to explain *malu*

  8. so there is CHEAP food in HK, haha! and i tot all cut throat wan! that park very nice le :)


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