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Monday, March 29, 2010

Nothing Better To Do...

Mummy did something silly with me today. It's called "play until there's nothing left to play in the house". She took out a box that kept some of the fondest memories of my baby days...

My pacifier and toothbrush collection box

I had 13 pacifiers (one for each month) before I was successfully weaned at 13 months

The 10 toothbrushes that I have used (and damaged)...

And the funniest part was, I wanted to suck one of the pacifiers. LOL! Curious to see how I'd look with a pacifier now, mummy chose the cleanest and newest one, gave it a good wash and handed it to me...

*chuit chuit chuit* I miss being a baby hahaha!


I liked it so much, I had it in my mouth the whole afternoon and evening, until daddy came back from work. When he saw me, he was stunned and speechless haha! *and just shook his head*


  1. I miss Xixi sucking her pacifier too, but i have throw all her old pacifier already lah... Chloe start brush teeth at what age? She been damaged 10toothbrush ah? So many... heheh.

  2. Serene, can't remember when i started brushing her teeth... I think most prob since the time when she had 4 teeth hehe :-)

  3. wow...mummy kept all those 'treasures'. YX got that panda toothbrush too and is still using them. ^_^

  4. Alamak..cutenya wih tha pacifier in her mouth. LOL. Eh..the toothbrushes are very cute hor..sayang to throw away actually.

  5. Hi,

    Chanced upon your blog. U've got a really adorable little gal.

    I am really amazed by the pacifiers and toothbrushes tat u keep thru the years :)

  6. Ohh... what a collection that you have got!! It's such a pity that I only keep my girl's clothing and shoes... huhuhu!

  7. very colorful "Jut jut".

    hey...maybe merryn will have some idea on what to do with them. Can be turn into a work of art

  8. Sweet smile with pacifier huh? haha!~

  9. huh ! you still keep on it. i have throw away for so so long. kekeke......

  10. haha mommy very goo din keeping things huh...from pacifier, tooth brush till the bread tags keke.

  11. SO many toothbrush & pacifiers.
    Ryan dun hav any pacifier at all...

  12. Hi, your really got a beautiful daughter. Should enter her for a beautiful baby contest.
    And no need to ask where she has her good looks from, ha ha.
    Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  13. This is such a cute little post:) Chloe looks absolutely adorable with her pacifier!

  14. wah... your mummy GENG geNG GENG!

    Manage to keep those items in good places.

    somemore the pacifiers all look special and cute!

  15. wah... so many different brand of pacifier. I only change the new pacifier when the old one got bitten of lost somewhere.... And old toothbrush definitely landed up in rubbish bin

    This mummy is so good in keeping memories.... :)

  16. how cute! hehehe. the baby stuff collection :D gives me a good idea when i have my own kid in the near future. thanks =)


  17. aww...i didn't know you keep all these things for chloe. what a great idea and i wish i had kept ashley's stuff too. 13 pacifiers???

  18. walao! u kept all! keng laaaaaaa!

  19. Colourful set of paci and tooth brush..

    She still so cute with paci on, just play-play nvm, if it is really still on it, then it not cute anymore..haha..aiyo..u so bad la let her take it for half day...later she really want it u pengsan!

    So many berbunga tooth brush...what a great oral hygiene practise there...

  20. Wah, you still keeping all Chloe's bb item till now? It is a very good memory for both of you later.

    Hopefully Chloe will not attached to her zui zui yeah:-)


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