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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The "Magic Balloon"

While digging one of the compartments of the closet where all kinds of banned toys were once kept out of my reach, mummy found this party pack. It was given to me by Ching Yi-yi (from Australia) about a year ago. Finally, I'm "old" enough to play with them...

The party pack consists of a DIY whistling helicopter, Snow Magic (tiny granules that expands 100 times its original size when soaked in water), a glow-in-the-dark stick and a magic balloon...

My favourite (and mummy's too) has got to be this Magic Balloon. She loved playing with this when she was a little girl. Those days, she could buy them for only 5sen or 10sen for a small tube that came with a tiny straw. These days, they come in bigger tubes and of course, the "straw" is a better-looking mouthpiece.

Is this medicine, mummy? Haha! (I had no idea what it was at first, so I asked her this question)

I'll huff and puff and huff and puff...

Hi there!

Does anyone know where we can buy this "magic balloon" here?


  1. quite a long time, uncle never play this stuff oledi.

    you make me recall my childhood memory... mmm maybe going to buy onee and play wkakakaka

  2. I know i know...trengganu pasar got.Next round i balik kampung will check out for you la

  3. CH Voon: Haha, exactly! The feeling of the soft balloon in your hands, the smell... really brings back sweet memories :-)

    Smallkucing: Aiyo, only Trengganu market got meh? Too far lah :-p

  4. Did your mummy show you how to "kiss" the balloon and blow more air into it to make it bigger afterwards? :o) Where to buy? Maybe got to look in those smaller "kedai runcit"... that'll bring back memories too :o)

  5. KL i didnt see wor...maybe at small small kedai runcit got gua

  6. I like to play this when I was a kid...

  7. Wah, this call magic balloon, now only I know...during my kid days I played it a lot...really don't know where to find now.

    She sure find it fun and the best is, when it burst it won't create a big loud pop.

  8. Hehe...those were the days. ^_^ Wah..the magic balloon nowadays came with a very nice straw. *canggih*

    Malay kedai runcit maybe can find leh.

  9. kedai runcit got.. my FIL runs a kedai runcit so i know.. haha

    i dun let ethan play with it coz the smell is addictive...

  10. aww..brings back memories. i love magic balloon. if you find out where to purchase...pls let me know eh?

  11. Bart: Yes, I remember the "kissing technique" but dare not let her try cos can't guarantee that she won't "termakan" it haha...

    Smallkucing: Kedai runcit also hard to find nowadays. 99 Speedmart and 7-11 got lah, in our area :p

    PnPMum: Hmm looks like most of the daddies and mummies have played this before when they were young!

    Lemonjude: I think only this brand is called Magic Balloon. I also dunno what the real name is...

    Mummy Gwen: Haha like I told smallkucing, can hardly find any kedai runcits around here these days...

    Merryn: Oh, it has never occurred to me that the smell could be addictive. I played quite a lot of this when young. I guess as long as you don't deliberately inhale it continuously, it should be fine...

    MtC: Sure, sure... that will be in Part II ;-)

  12. you are still able to get the same 'old time' balloon at RM0.50 at PJ Old Town grocers.

  13. fuyoh.. this one is my favourite also la... play till get scolded last time coz after burst, we just throw the 'sisa' on the floor.. hehehe... :p

  14. That's one of my favourite 'toys' too but those I normally get is the one comes with the small straw and small tube ...... However for some reason, Angel is afraid of this magic balloon , she hates the spongy feeling of the balloon and feels 'yucky' to touch them, strange or not?

  15. fav. childhood toy too!!! Like to 'pop' it with my mouth and blow in more air to make the balloon bigger, then seal it with my lip. How nice. Should go and find this for YX to play. Same Question. Where to find?

  16. I still like blowing and playing with this type of balloons.

    Er..I will check with my mom where to buy this one as I saw her bought for my nephew and Sarah before. But the one that she has is very small one.


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