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Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's For Lunch? Part 2

Here's the continuation of my healthy lunch collection. Most of them are really simple meals because mummy is not a very kitchen person (lazy, incompetent and disinterested in cooking)...

Noodle soup with wantan (organic free-range pork & prawn dumpling), free-range chicken egg and chopped vege

The Simpson's organic tri-coloured pasta with fish paste, carrot, potato and French bean soup

Noodle soup with free-range chicken, beetroot, organic broccoli and free-range chicken egg

The Simpson's organic pasta in Campbell's No Added MSG mushroom soup, with stir-fried combo of egg, fish paste, tomato and celery

Soupy rice vermicelli with fish fillet, carrot, corn, cabbage and lady's finger

Stir-fried noodle with egg, carrot, chopped cauliflower, onion and organic free-range pork chop

And here are some very amateur bento sets (limited by the few tools that she has)...

Corn and egg fried brown rice with diced fish paste, star-shaped turnip, carrot sticks and kiwifruit

Toasted bear & rabbit potatoes, egg rolls, cherry tomatoes, blanched French beans, capsicum rings and stripe-y apple

Brown rice with star-shaped steamed fish paste (with chopped carrots), stir-fried broccoli and lady's fingers and baby strawberries & mandarin orange fruit cocktail

And sometimes when mummy is not in the mood to cook, she prepares these easy and cincai meals for me. Luckily I love them...

Really cincai... Toasted potato and pumpkin wedges with egg, carrot stick and grapes

Alphabet pancake (with milk, organic oat milk and Nestum) with sliced banana, grapes and carrot

Spinach omelette, cheese sandwich, sweet potato tong-sui and apple

Looking back at this collection, mummy realized something... I eat a lot of fish paste (all 100% homemade and low-salt), eggs and carrots!

Part 1 is here.


  1. Oh my, mommy really take the hussle to prepare you such wholesome meals!! Applause for mommy!! \(^o^)/

  2. So healthy lah. :) Mummy can cook very well leh. ^_^

  3. omg, and u call yourself no interest in cooking. the next time i see you, im gonna cekik you OK. eeeeeeeek!

  4. Your mummy know to make benton too ar... cool.

    Why you eat some much food but still small size? of you eat 30% and the rest 70% finish by your mummy?

  5. what a down to earth mummmy... :) Tats are all great and healthy meal. I like the last one with sweet potatoes and omellete... yummy.

    My gals eats what's available on the table with rice. My mil cooks most of the time.

  6. i cant wait to be ur neighbor...remember..u volunteer to cook n take care philip???? so healthy. i like!

  7. OMG! All healthy food. I don't think my kids will even eat them because they HATE vegetables. haha..

    Give yourself a big clap. You are such a dedicated mummy.

  8. Honestly, all the food looks so professionally done!! I love the colours and the creativity in it and the good thing is, Chloe eats all that!! How I wish my Angel could eat all the carrots and veggie like Chloe too! The food simply looks more then amazing!

  9. For someone who is dis-interested in cooking...I think all these are a fabulous effort. They all look so appetising and delicious.

  10. really very rajin la! your kids are so blessed !

  11. Very healthy food, notice you using organic food a lot, I want to learn from you lah...

  12. Wow, those are good, healthy stuff, plus look pretty too! You must hv spent a lot of time planning C's meals.

  13. You're so very hardworking! Chloe is so lucky to have you... All the foods here looks yummy! Chloe eat different varieties of food hor, Xixi is a picky eater, how I hope she could eat cheese and chicken like Chloe did.

  14. many yummy and healthy fruits...

  15. My goodness...all the meals are so healthy and mommy prepared it with "heart". And that's not lazy ooo...

    I never tried feeding Sarah with lady fingers, wonder she loves it...

  16. Emm... *paiseh* Actually these meals are very cincai and simple only if you look closely. It's the variety and colourful combinations that make them look attractive. Mummy is not a good cook lah. A health-freak, maybe :-)


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