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Sunday, April 4, 2010

It Only Took 2 Days...

In just ONE day, I...

1. Found a new hobby.
2. Got hooked to Playhouse Disney's online games and activities
3. Learned how to turn on the lap-top and put it to "hibernate" after use. I could even turn off the main switch and remove the plug from the socket!
4. I mastered the skill of using a mouse.

In just TWO days, I could...
1. Launch the browser (Google Chrome)
2. Click on the bookmarked PHD website
3. Explore and navigate PHD's website all on my own.
4. Listen to and follow instructions on how to play the games
5. Understand the objective of each game and play accordingly

From Day 3 onwards... expert already haha *sticks tongue out*

Found a new friend in an old laptop

Happy girl... playing online educational games and activities (refer to My Cyber "Schools" on the sidebar)


  1. ...and soon you will take over the blogging from mommy.

    Chloe, dont play with the laptop too long ya...later become four eyes like Mamarazzi

  2. Wah..Chloe is smart wor. Gwen took sometime to master the mouse. Gwen likes the Starfall website. I haven't introduced her to Playhouse Disney website yet.

  3. so u got a new lap top??????

    at this moment, philip cannot link computer to laptop. cos in school, they hv computer classes. but at home, only my laptop. so he dont click yet..hahahaha

  4. clever Chloe. Hope you will keep yourself occupied while mummy have her 'ME' time. How nice was that. Or mummy also got addicted with the online game? haha

  5. till today i also dont dare let my gal touch my desktop and laptop..hahah..scare she will smack my gadgets..

    clever ur gal.

  6. next time, this blog will be updated by you hehehee (not your mummy anymore)

  7. She really does look like a pro sitting in front of the laptop! Chloe sure learns fast! Welcome to the wonderdul world of internet, girl:)

  8. Clever can fight use laptop with mummy..haha...

    Terry is one here, once I login my user password, he knows what he needs to click and type to find his Thomas website for games then when I say stop playing, he will press Alt+F4 to shut down the pc (this he observe me how to do, I don't taught him that)..

  9. Wah... mummy has to sacrifice her laptop... :) I am sure Chloe will learn a lot of new things from the website.
    My ziyi likes or starfall.

  10. Haha, mummy is not "generous" to sacrifice or share the laptop ler... she got a new netbook... err, not so new la, bought last year :p

  11. smart girl, very soon she will know how to msn her frens, keke

  12. Kids these days r so tech savvy. Chloe is a vy fast learner.

  13. You're so advance... smart girl! So far I haven't introduce any website game to Xixi yet, scare she will get hooked up and fight the laptop with me! hahaha...

  14. soon you girls have to fight for the laptop :)


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