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Monday, April 5, 2010

Something About the Sun and the Stars

Sometimes, like many other kids out there, I say the darnest things...

Silly remark about the sun
It was a very hot and sunny afternoon. As mummy was drawing the curtains in the living room to reduce the glare, I turned to look at her and said "Mummy, why can't you just switch off the sunlight?"

Funny remark about the stars
Mummy was wearing this Baby Phat t-shirt at home...

While lying down comfortably next to each other, I ran my fingers across the "diamonds" on her t-shirt and exclaimed "Constellations!" Hahaha!


  1. Constellations... wah... Chloe is saying such a big word oh... and used correctly too... clever Chloe! :-D

  2. Huh??? How to spell that word gua also duno and Chloe is saying it liao? pengsan
    Tabik to Chloe

  3. She's not even 4 and she knows how to say constellations? Wow! Very good vocab your girl has...Clever gal!

  4. Gwen learned constellations from Playhouse Disney..haha. I must say Chloe speaks very well. Gwen's speech not that clear sometimes.

  5. *shy* I need to check the dictionary for that BIG word. Chloe...did mummy teach u that?

  6. She learned the word Constellations from books, Playhouse Disney (one of the episodes from WordWorld, I think) and the National Science Centre :-)

    The funny thing was, she could relate to it. The mummy has been wearing this baju for years but never realized the connection haha.

  7. Wow!!!!!! She said that word!!!!

  8. wow she knew constellations? Mommy reading her space book ar? haha

  9. Ingenious Chloe!! 2 thumbs up!! Please enjoy your weekend!

  10. Wow... her vocab is... out of this world! hehehe


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