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Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Naked!

Mummy was busy with her usual stuff when she suddenly heard repeated cries of "It's naked! It's naked! Shame-shame!"

Who do you think was naked?

This free Jusco teddy bear lor... stripped naked by my curious hands haha!

When asked why did I do it, I just kept quiet. And since we were already on this topic, mummy decided to test-test a bit...

Mummy: So... is this bear a girl or a boy?
Me: *think, think* It's a baby.

I did not answer her question again. So what if the bear is a girl or a boy? It doesn't matter to me and I'm still too innocent to know the differences hehehe...

Me and my baby bear


  1. hahaha...naked!!! YX also like to strip off cloths on a little teddy we had at home. He has a pair of itchy hands!!!

  2. haha i have 2 pairs of itchy hands in my house too.

  3. Kids... curious ma.. what's behind and under! hahhaaa...

  4. Soon she will ask u abt the birds and the bees :p

  5. wahaha I though who naked tim. Haha good she know that is shame. Sometime C saw some underwear catalogue (cosway) she will say eee shame shame too haha

  6. That a cute bear, I like it too and got 1 stuck in my car window with yellow shirt written Happy..Terry no keen to touch that..

  7. Last pic with the teddy bear is so cute. Mummy, get her a baby doll. :)

    Gwen choose the gender for all her plush toys here..haha. When I ask her, she will tell me the dolphin is a girl, the tiger is a boy and so on.. ^_^

  8. Oh Dear~! My girl used to strip herself and running around the house...

    Love the picture that Chloe hugs a beautiful smile on her face, lovely! Please have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Talking bout that bear.. where's mine now.. entah kat mana dy... :D

  10. Cute little bear with a little pretty girl there! I guess Chloe may request for all girly stuff soon :-)

  11. Cute and sweet smiles.
    It is not good to naked the bear, later it catch flu … then it cannot play with you lo.

  12. Clever little Chloe, she is not wrong by saying that it is a baby. After all the bear does not have the physical traits to show its gender :P
    She looks so sweet in that last pic :)

  13. hehe. soon u will really need to teach her de. then oni see who laughing la. wahaha!

  14. For me, I think the bear look cute and better without clothes yeah? Hehe.

    Sarah also in love with the same teddy bear. She needs it with her whenever she goes kai kai.


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