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Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Finally Love Sushi

After being informed about a sushi promotion at Sakae Sushi, mummy, being kiasu and being a sucker for freebies, badgered daddy to bring us there. This morning, in our eagerness, we headed all the way to The Curve only to find that we were 45 minutes too early and the outlet was not opened yet haha! (It only opened at 11:30am)

Disappointed, we walked around aimlessly and landed in a place called Theobroma Chocolate Lounge where we had a simple breakfast of pancakes, waffles, coffee, tea and sundae. Yup, sundae on a Sunday for breakfast :) Mummy said the sundae was to replace my morning milk which she didn't give to me to avoid having to wash the car again.

Salivating over my vanilla sundae sprinkled with chocolate shavings

Okay, back to the sushi. We came back for lunch, much later, after shopping around in Ikano. This was the promotion that mummy was talking about...

The condition was to buy any kid's sushi and get a kid's meal for free

Although we have been here many times before, I've never liked sushis and have never really eaten one before. For the very first time today, I ate one whole piece and asked for more! I also loved the crispy seaweed of the temaki (handrolls).

Mummy ordered this for me... (rice burger with egg mayo, tuna, lettuce and tomato)

... and got this for FREE (a kiddy bento set)

I didn't like the rice burger and didn't touch it at all. I had 2 pieces of sushis, a mini sausage, a few bites of temaki and a handful of flattened fries. Daddy and mummy ate the rest hehe.

The "Frog Princess" enjoying her sushi meal

The "goodie bag" was quite a letdown... Ribena Berry stickers, a small tube of Darlie All Shiny White toothpaste and Sakae Sushi's colouring contest form

We were hit by the Toy Story 3 fever... Daddy bought me a book from Popular and mummy bought two reusable shopping bags from Tesco. Nice, eh?


  1. aunty meow meow also not into sushi. hahaha

  2. Nice Toy Story stuff! I like the reusable shopping bags! So where is the rubbish you bought hehe...
    The Freebies fr Sakae is kinda cincai eh... My kids dont like sushi too :(

  3. We also went to Sakae Sushi few days ago..hehe. Gwen doesn't quite like sushi but she loves the sashimi!

    The reusable bags are very cute. :)

  4. Ohhh... Juan Juan is a sushi lover, we should consider this promotion! Thanks for sharing!

    Wah... the sundae ice cream sure looks delicious, look at Chloe's expression!

    How much is the Toy Story collection book? Juan loves Toy Story to bits, we are going to bring her for the premier of Toy Story 3 next week, on Thursday 17th of June.

    Enjoy your school holiday!

  5. We are sushi lover family. Ha..will definitely pay a visit at Sakae Sushi in The Curve.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Goodie begs of Toy Story 3 are very cute. I guess Chloe can use them as her tuition beg if she happens to attend any.

  6. ah the rice burgers looks sedap. hmmm... next month 1st Sunday, where shall we go ah? hehehe...

  7. smallkucing: Eh, I thought u apa pun ngam? Hehe :p

    Mummy Moon: I'll show the "rubbish" in private lah haha. Ya lo, the freebies were so cincai only... they didn't even put in a proper bag, just gave like that only :(

    Mummy Gwen: Gwen lagi pandai leh, she knows how to eat sashimi! :)

    Alice: The TS collection book that we bought was RM39.90 with 20% member's discount. There are soooooo many TS books in Popular. Happy browsing and enjoy your movie premier :)

    Shenny's Mommy: Be sure to go there on the first Sunday of next month! The Toy Story bags were not included in the goodie bag. They are the Tesco reusable bags I bought at RM3.99 each :)

    Irene: Ya, the rice burger was sedap, like MOS Burger hehe... next month you "onn pai" lah :p

  8. hahahahaha i m also hard up for free stuff..IF i m there at the point of time la...

  9. i eat.. but not much.. i still find malaysian food more appetizing and delicious! :p

  10. r waiting for this movie Toy Story 3 too ... 17 June right ?? :p
    We haven introduce Jap food to the boy .... i think he won like de ..:(
    BUT i LOVE it ....

  11. haha finally. My girl like sushi too, she like Sakae Sushi kids' meal.

  12. The shopping bags are cute!!! I love sushi too ;)

  13. I'm planning to bring my son to Sakea, too!~

    Toy Story fever hit my house, too! haha~

  14. your place there got good makan place?
    now must learn to jalan2 around the area.

    sakae in subang parade is our regular. then i intro sushi king lately at giant kelana to philip.. both also like eheheheh

  15. Toy story.... everywhere I go... I see Toy Story 3...

    Chloe is wearing Dora and Boots t-shirt... lovely! we are mad about Dora at the moment... Dora cds, books, blocks...

  16. oh, i love the Tesco Toys Story recycle bag. hahahhahahah


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