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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Road Trip to Awana Kijal - Day 1

8-10 July saw us on a road trip to Terengganu for a 3D2N stay at the Awana Kijal Golf, Beach and Spa Resort. It was my maiden trip to the east coast. We went there with Koo-koo and Koo-jeong. Armed with a navigation system borrowed from Kau-foo, we pretty much relied on it throughout our entire trip there.

Got GPS, will explore!

We started our journey from home at about 7am. Our first stop was a McD near Gombak where we had our breakfast. I had pancakes with butter and syrup. After that, it was a very long drive all the way to Cukai, Terengganu where we stopped for a light lunch at Hai Peng, a popular kopitiam among the locals.

Peanut-butter, honey and banana toast, nasi lemak and a plate of HP Special fries

We then continued our journey to the resort, which was located in the Kemaman district of Terengganu.

Are we there yet? Well, almost...

After 5+ hours on the road (including a few brief stops), we finally arrived at the resort. It was close to 1pm. We checked our rooms out and had a quick self-tour of the hotel.

Our room... the bathroom had a window which opened up to the room. I enjoyed climbing in and out of the bathtub, through the window, into the room and back (like a playground).

Left: Tree-view from our room on the 3rd floor (it was actually seaview if given a room on a higher floor) Right: Swimming pool view from the 6th floor of Koo-koo's room

Some pics of the hotel. Overall, it was very pleasant, clean and comfortable.

Wasting no time, we immediately headed to the beach! Yes, we spent the whole afternoon and evening (from 2-7pm) basking in the sun. Well, not really, as the beach was actually quite shady. Nevertheless, mummy slathered a generous layer of sunblock on me and told me to put on my sunnies and cap.

Let's go to the beach! (Posing on the giant chess board in the garden of the hotel)


Mummy's butt got "stuck" to this chair. She actually spent hours sitting here, feasting her eyes on the lovely beach, enjoying the sea breeze and practically doing nothing. Aaaaaah... heavenly!

I love the beach but I don't like the sand and the sea hahaha!

At first, I was reluctant to step on the sand. I didn't like the sandy feet feeling :(

Daddy threatened to throw me into the sea if I didn't behave haha!

The beach was very clean... absolutely beautiful!

Later, I warmed up to the sand and played with it. Much later, I even took off my shoes and fell in love with it haha!

It was so windy that daddy couldn't resist not flying a kite. He quickly ran the the car (the kite is permanently kept in the trunk of the car) to get the kite!

Later in the evening, we swam in the hotel's very huge, sprawling swimming pool

Daddy and mummy became kids again... playing in the kiddy pool with me hehe!

The water in the pool was quite warm... nice!

I was famished at dinner time. While waiting for daddy and mummy to shower and get ready for dinner, I downed 2 slices of Gardenia Butterscotch bread (brought from home) while watching Mr Bean on tv in the hotel room. Shortly after that, at the restaurant, I went on to sapu almost the whole plate of rice with the following dishes:

Crab omelette, ginger onion fish slices, crabmeat tofu & mixed vegetables from the Grandview Restaurant, which was just a stone's throw away from the hotel

After dinner, we drove to Kerteh (20 mins away) to view the lights of the Kompleks Industri Petroleum Petronas.

The whole place was very beautifully lit-up indeed. It was a sight to behold!

Unfortunately, our camera was not canggih enough to capture the awesome lights

It was so nice that daddy made a U-turn, stopped somewhere to change driver (asking Koo-jeong to take over the wheel) and we drove along the same stretch twice so that we could view the place again! Of course, I missed everything. I fell asleep immediately after entering the car and slept throughout this sight-seeing trip. So much for skipping my afternoon nap :(


  1. Coincidently, we were in KL on 7 to 10 July for 4 D 3 N holiday. Will blog about it soon. We were relying on the GPRS through my mobil to reach the hotel. Great time that Chloe was having at the beach with your parents.The kiddy pool was really awesome. Have slide and water pouring down. So much that you have.

  2. wow lovely photos!!!!!!

    Ey no photos of mummy one? :)

    It's sheer luxury to just sit on the chair, hearing the splashing of sea waves and doing NOTHING :)

  3. hai mai ho boring right...Awana Kijal? lucky you got transport n go hunting for food. the KFC near the Kijal entrance still there?

  4. wow, the beach is beautiful. glad everyone had a great time. 5 hour journey to a bit long eh?

  5. What an awesome trip! The beach, hotel room and pool all look fantastic. Seems only your family occupy the whole Awana Kijal. Fun ler.

  6. Hai Peng food nothing to shout about but the Kopi very good. Hey got eat the Stuff Crabs or not?

    Lovely Hotel. Got eat the Lemang or not? The lemang very sedap one and cheap

  7. Sheoh Yan: Yup, with a GPS around, we were more daring and confident in driving around exploring places :)

    Kristie: Got lah... the old lady behind Chloe on the kiddy slide is the mummy lor haha :) Yes, yes! To be doing nothing is sheer luxury indeed!

    LittleLamb: Where got boring???? We felt that 3D2N was not enough tim! I can stay there, relaxing on the beach forever and ever man :p Yes, the KFC is still there.

    MtC: Yes, hanging out at the beach was our favourite activity there. We didn't mind the long journey at all!

  8. Wow~!! That's definitely paradise in reality! I should pester my husband to bring us there too, kiahahaha!^-^

    Have a wonderful day ahead!

  9. Fewwwwwwwwwwwwwwit to Chloe, she is so leng lui ! Heng Heng also don't like the sea and even swimming pool!

    I can see fr the photo the sand is soooo fine, nice!

  10. Wow...the resort is awesome. What a relaxing holiday for the whole family. Chloe looks very pretty in the sunglasses.

  11. Hi Chloe's mummy, I've got an award for you. Do check it out when you're free:)

  12. Wa.. Mommy so rajin.. so fast updated Day 1 already. I still haven't start anything yet :p

    Thanks to Mommy, Daddy and BB for the pleasant trip :)

  13. Nice holiday, a short trip to recharge the battery. Chloe is more girly look now and definitely cute as always.

  14. Beautiful!!! I love this place too when I first went few years back. Love at 1st sight. So relaxing. But the journey is so far....hard to plan. The hotel and the beaches are so nice.

  15. Nice trip there :-) Love the sea breeze & love to enjoy the beach! Oh those dishes in dinner are almost my fav :-)

  16. Wow! Looks like you all are enjoying the trip! Fun!

  17. wow..the hotel looks good.. awana.. never been there.. dint know they have such a nice beach there too.. now i baru tau.. hahaaaa..

  18. my one and only trip to east coast is Redang Island.
    I think there are a lots more nice beaches there which we yet to explore..

  19. makes me wanna go holiday. so nice lah yr trip!


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