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Friday, July 9, 2010

Road Trip to Awana Kijal - Day 2

This morning, we woke up earlier than usual to catch the sunrise at 6:30am. Actually I was still in slumberland at that time so daddy scooped me into his arms and off we went to the beach with me still clad in my pyjamas!

At 6:40am, the sun has already risen... although we missed greeting the sun on the horizon, the scenery was just as panoramic!

We lazed a while on the beach to enjoy some warm sea breeze before heading back to the hotel for our buffet breakfast. I had a bun, a sausage, some omelette, some cereal, a glass of milk and some fruit yoghurt. I RARELY have such a heavy breakfast... burp!

Savouring my blueberry yoghurt with fruit cocktail... yummy!

Our main agenda for today was to visit the turtle sanctuary in Rantau Abang, which was about an hour's drive away. While waiting for daddy to drive the car to the lobby to pick us up (the carpark was quite a distance away), I played with some of the Malay traditional instruments and games displayed in the lobby.

Drumming the rebana and congkak. Err, you mean the congkak is not for drumming? Hehe

On the way to Rantau Abang, we drove past the Petronas Petroleum Industrial area again. It looked like this during the day...

Although the lights were switched off during the day, we could still spot flames on top of some of the tall "furnaces"

Photography was prohibited in this area, which explains why our photos last night were so blur. They were all taken from the moving car!

We soon reached Rantau Abang and the GPS brought us to this Turtle Information Centre, which apparently was the "Turtle Sanctuary". One of the workers here told us "sini takde penyu". What? We drove one hour here to be told that the place had no turtles??? *Grumble*

The only consolation was... some terrapins and some turtle replicas. Pathetic!

We were sorely disappointed, and left the place feeling cheated and disgruntled.

Back at the car, mummy picked up some flowers from the ground (oh no, not again) and made me wear them on my hair like this

We took a walk along the Rantau Abang beach and spotted a few groups of pupils having tuition classes on the beach. How nice!

Since it was lunch time, we decided to hunt for some local food. After searching high and low for a decent place to eat in, we finally realized why our search have been futile... it was a Friday and most of the popular warungs were closed *sad*

This was indeed a good reason to squeeze in a trip to the mall. Yes, we missed breathing in mall air haha!

Mesra Mall... it was quite big, very modern and comparable to a neighbourhood mall in the city

We had lunch in the food court here, and sampled some of the local delights...

Nasi kukus with vegetables for mummy, nasi kandar for daddy, chicken rice for me and ABC Special for sharing

After lunch, we took a quick stroll around the mall. Feeling very at home, I walked into Toys R Us all on my own (without even turning back to see if daddy or mummy was following)...

After that, we quickly returned to the hotel and rushed to the beach again. We absolutely LOVED the beach and couldn't get enough of it!

Joget-ing on the lazy chair

Daddy brought the kite out again...

Mummy, look here... look at me... I'm flying a kite!

Mummy soon fell asleep on the lazy chair, thanks to the cool breeze and soothing sound of the waves that lulled her to sleep. When she woke up, this was what she saw from afar...

(Photo zoomed to the max) From left: Koo-jeong, me, daddy and Koo-koo lepak-ing on the cool and shady beach

We played with sand again.

Mummy brought along a few Mega Bloks as additional sand-sculpting toys for me

Adding the finishing touches to our fort (decorating the minarets with hand-picked seashells)

Tada... our fort neighbouring Koo-koo's palace with a grand staircase

Marking my territory... noticed my cute (but a bit faint) little footprints above my name?

Towards the evening, while daddy and Koo-jeong were flying their kites, they were blown away by something really rare and beautiful in the sky. We have never seen anything as spectacular as this...

Rainbow clouds! For about 10 minutes, we strained our necks looking up, marveling at the splendour until the colours were dispersed. What a stunning sight!

I played in the wading pool again before returning to the room to take my bath (it was so late, the mushroom fountain had already been switched off)

Again, I couldn't wait to have dinner. I helped myself to the food in the room and walloped 3 slices of Butterscotch bread and a small packet of Milo, while watching Tarzan on Disney Channel.

There goes my appetite for dinner. Mummy was not at all amused by my gluttony!

Shortly after that, we went out for dinner again. Mummy took a few more shots of the lights in the hotel lobby while waiting for daddy to drive the car over.

More pics of the hotel (night view)

We had dinner at the Restoran Pertama Kijal nearby, and ordered the following...

Stuffed crab, Yok-choy (Chinese herbs) chicken, Four Heavenly Kings (stir-fried long bean, four-angled bean, okra and aubergine) and braised yee-mee for me because I personally requested for noodles

The food here was much tastier than yesterday's. The braised yee-mee was delicious and the portion was huge, but I only ate a quarter of it, blame it on my bread-stuffed tummy. Or maybe I was too sleepy to continue eating.

It was our first time eating stuffed crabs. It was quite tasty!

While the adults were enjoying their dinner, I could hardly keep my eyes opened.

Tired and bored... I dozed off and nearly fell off the chair!

Poor baby. Mummy carried me onto her lap and I slept comfortably in her arms for the rest of the evening. Back at the hotel room, I continued with my deep slumber despite daddy and mummy's rough handling when changing me into my pyjamas and force-brushing my teeth. I did not stir even a bit and continued to sleep like a log. I was THAT tired :D


  1. oh the sunrise photos are beautiful. sigh...if only kl has a beautiful beach, then we can laze around all the time huh? Chloe looks like little Lilo with the flowers on her hair. So pretty :)

  2. Don't you agree kids eat more than usual when they are happy?! ^-^

    Wow... look at the sky, aurora borealis in Malaysia?!!! LOL... very beautiful clouds, how I wish I could get to see it too!:)

    Chloe really enjoyed the trip, I'm so happy for her! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Alice, auro....... what? I didn't even know there's a name for that "rainbow cloud" haha! :)

  4. Am trying to imagine the last part. Hahaha!! I love the name written on the sand pic!

  5. Neah... it couldn't be the phenomenal wonders of aurora borealis or best known as nothern light(Thogh it looks alike)! But undeniable, the 'rainbow clouds' are really beautiful! I wish I could see atleast once, thanks for sharing!^-^

  6. LOL! Found some blogger blog about this interesting 'rainbow clouds':

    Cheers and have a great day ahead!

  7. Oh, so the aurora borealis is actually the northern lights. Thanks for "educating" me on this :)

    Well, it's been more than 3 days since we saw it. So far no news of earthquakes happening around this region, right? :p

  8. So long didn't go to east coast already. Missed the place!

  9. The rainbow cloud! It's mesmerising indeed!

    What a great idea to bring mega blocks for sand castle building! It's a very nice sand castle indeed!

    Chloe looks lovely with the flowers stuck at the pretty:)

  10. Mummy takes good pics ler. The rainbow cloud is beautiful. Gwen only been to the beach once in Langkawi.

    Oh the food there is not bad eh. Oh my, Chloe was really tired. Can see she enjoyed the trip very much. :)

  11. Nice picts you have! I love beaches! I'm sure you and your family too! ;)
    Have a great day ahead!

  12. Chloe was having so much fun in this trip. It was really an awesome trip. Relaxing and so much fun on the beach, and you really ate a lot. Very good girl. I hope my children were like Chloe too.

  13. you just reminded of me of sunrise by the beach, dont know when was the last time i enjoyed, 15 years ago may be.

    hey saying hi to you,,, family first no matter what,,, take care now

  14. U all are great in building the sandcastles.

    The rainbow clouds are beautiful. No regret even straining the neck for 10 minutes. hehe

    Wah!! Chloe slept already still force her to brush teeth?? hahaha... after playing at beach and swimming pool, sure extra tired. For me, I will be very tired and sleepy too.

  15. mnhl: Haha forced-brushing as in mummy "forced" the toothbrush into her mouth and brush for her, without toothpaste one. Just to clean her mouth only, cos she fell asleep right after dinner.

  16. mega block can use like tat.. nice idea... :)

  17. a very nice beach trip.....but no turtle at Rantau Abang, is really disappointing..
    I like the way you describe your trip.

  18. Love your sand castle! Heng Heng also dozzed off on the chair like Chloe haha!

  19. Very detail post... nice trip to Awana Kijal! The sand palace is very nice... all done by Chloe?

  20. cool sand castle! fun trip eh. walao, force brush teeth lagi ah. u really keng lah!

  21. the palace look great! all you did one? or your parent?

    the petronas plant need to discharge the gas all the time not matter in the morning or evening...

  22. Oh miss this post keke can see she kaki ayam on the beach. The kite is very colourful. I got a boat one, quite heavy to fly on the field as winf not that strong compared to beach side.


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