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Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Big Day

13 August 2010

I went to school as usual in the morning and had a small and simple celebration with my teachers and friends during the morning tea-break.

Surrounded by my little friends singing Happy Birthday To You... *so shy, quickly pretend to look blur*

Me and my Elmo cupcake

Right after school, daddy (who took leave from work to spend the day with his Princess) came to fetch me and off we went, to our much anticipated hotel stay. I love staying in hotels so this is the most perfect gift for me!

*Excited* I can't wait...

We checked-in to a hotel in the city...

The hotel lobby was quite classy and impressive

Our room on the 11th floor

The first thing I did was to have a quick shower, followed by a pre-lunch fruit snack while daddy and mummy discussed where to go for lunch.

Sitting at my favourite corner of the room... looking down at the hustle and bustle of Jalan Bukit Bintang

Jumping and monkeying around on the bed

We decided to go to Lot 10, which was just right across the road, about 2 minutes' walk away. We had lunch at the famous Hutong Foodcourt.

Checking out some of the nice stalls there and enjoying my egg-gravy pan mee

After makan, we went shopping in Isetan. I have never been to Lot 10 before! (This goes to show how "often" daddy and mummy come here)

Geram-ing some Dibo and gang soft toys in Isetan

While walking around Lot 10, we came across Jackie Chan's Cafe... a very cosy place with HUGE lounge chairs and a spacious dancing floor. Daddy and mummy ordered a drink and lazed on the cosy seat while I ran around, jumped and tapped my feet to the groovy music. I had a good half-hour of workout dancing away, oblivious to passing shoppers who stopped to admire and smile at my antics.

Like a dancing princess...

My self-choreographed moves

Aaah! So relaxing! Can we come here again?

First time walking along Bintang Walk

We also had a short stroll in Starhill. Pavilion was right beside the hotel that we were staying in. We just lingered outside for a while, around the fountain, and did not go in. Reason: I wanted to go swimming!

ChloeRuoyi is on sale. Who wants? Hehe!

We rushed back to the hotel to get ready to go to the pool. However, my enthusiasm was hampered by the sudden change of weather. First, the sky turned really, really dark. There was thunder and lightning, and within minutes, it was pouring!

Because of the heavy downpour, we did not feel like going out for dinner, and settled for something simple in the hotel. We ordered Fettuccine Carbonara and Seafood Pizza at Bistro 160.

Checking my blog while waiting for the food to arrive. Thank you very much for all the lovely comments and birthday wishes!


After dinner, it was back to the room for bath and zzzzzzzzz. I was so tired, I was completely knocked-out by 8pm+.

A cold and stormy night...

14 August 2010

The following morning, after a good night's sleep, we went to Pavilion for breakfast and more shopping...

The newly put-up Hari Raya deco... they were not even around yet when we came here yesterday!

We had breakfast at Subway, our favourite sandwich deli.

Sinking my teeth into mummy's tuna and egg sandwich... mmmmm.... loved it!

Posing on a bench in Pavilion

Finally... swimming! My wish has been fulfilled!

However, not even 10 minutes into it, the sky turned gloomy again. Oh no, not again. It was very windy too. Fearing that I might catch a cold, mummy quickly got me off the pool and promised to let me have a bubble bath in the room...

This is just as good, if not better!

Daddy requested for late check-out at 3pm so that we could relax in the room until 3pm for our English Afternoon Tea at the same bistro where we had our dinner yesterday.

Running around while waiting to be served

Our English afternoon tea set

Tea and coffee, sandwiches, scones, cakes and pastries

Let's eat!

Finally, it was time to go home. Bye-bye hotel! We will be back in 2 months' time :)


  1. wah, so nice ur bday celebration, every time can stay in mummy so kedekut nia, wont check in hotel locally..

  2. wah... You are really queen in your house. It is a really a good celebration of your birthday.

  3. What an awesome birthday celebration! I believe Chloe will remember it always.
    Is it Millinium Hotel you stay with your daddy and mommy?

  4. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Checking into a local hotel is a fantastic way to enjoy a birthday celebration! Good food, shopping, afternoon tea, swimming, bathtub etc.... sounds awesome :)

    Btw, I just love, love the video of the dancing princess.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday cutie pie! you are the luckiest lil princess man! always checking in hotels! soooooo nice...

  6. eh eh! is that your new toy! *wink*
    add me in berry messenger wei!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday To Chloe! Wah..Chloe you are treated like a princess..awesome celebration and that hotel is sooo nice.

    Gwen wanted to dance on the stage too when we were at LOT 10 that time..haha..and we were not even having a drink there, just passing by. I love Chloe's dance moves. :)

  8. This is 1 of the most special birthday gifts I have heard of :)

    Love the dancing video too ;)

  9. Definitely the best birthday gift for your girl...Just look at all those precious smiley pics of your princess.

  10. Chloe, your birthday celebration was really wonderful. Your parents love you so much. The English afternoon tea set looked so delicious.

  11. wow, what a lovely birthday celebration for you :) looks like i need to go downtown soon cos they are so much to see and do :D

  12. Wow... fantastic birthday present ya?

  13. My timeshare hotel in KL is terrible :(
    Its the Legend and very old liao :(
    Nice trip for the gal. Another hotel stay in 2 months time? What's the occasion?

    Hmm seeing 3 of you as a family..very contented jor. Thought of #2 or not?

  14. where you bought the cup cake? very nice design !

  15. wow....what a unique b'day celebration ! Love the idea of staying in the local hotel.

    So coincidence. We went to the Hutong Foodcourt and the Pavilion yesterday. YX took photos with the SALE too. Too bad, not fated to meet up with you ;D

  16. Oh my! Oh My! Your 'luxurious gift' from daddy and mommy is something auntie long for, must pester uncle to read your post so that he would know what to do for auntie next birthday, kiahahaha!

    Happy belated Birthday to you! May you grow up strong, intelligent and beautiful!
    p/s: love your dance, you are so talented!

    have a nice day to mommy!

  17. nice celebration for Chloe! I yet to plan anything for Yan Yan ...

  18. Happy belated Birthday Chloe!! Big girl already... Wow, I like your new header, very nice!

  19. Wow, what a fabulous and enjoyable birthday outing! Aunty likes hotel stay plus jalan-jalan too, but too bad, Aunty's hubby is not keen at all to stay in hotel just for fun-fun.

  20. Wow..ur birthday celebration was great lor...auntie so si mou...wish have one like that too...hahhahha

  21. Nice and pampering birthday celebration for her. Aunty so envy lah haha


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