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Monday, August 16, 2010

Money Talk and Other Talks

During our recent visit to Pavilion, mummy let me toss 10 sen into the Pavilion Crystal Fountain. Right after that, I told her...

Me: I like throwing coin into the fountain.
Mummy: Would you like to throw another one? (She had in mind to give me just 5 sen)
Me: No, don't want to waste money!

Both daddy and mummy were pleasantly surprised and beaming with pride when they heard that. They have never mentioned the phrase "waste money" to me before and they were glad that I had some basic money sense in me.

Prudent girl... it's in the blood hehe!

Other Talk 1
I was talking non-stop from school all the way back home, right up to my bath and lunch. After about 20 minutes' of endless chattering, I took a deep breath, paused and said, "I don't want to talk anymore. Talk until my tongue also tired already!"

Other Talk 2
Mummy was talking to me while I was having my lunch. She asked me something but I was too "busy" to answer her. She asked again and I continued to ignore her, while chomping down my meal like a hungry horse. Slightly annoyed, she asked again in an angry tone, "I'm talking to you! Can you please answer me?" Equally irked by her endless questions, I retorted, "I'm too hungry to talk right now. Ask me later!"


  1. wakakaka...makan later :p

  2. LOL! talk until tongue get tired?! she really know how to make you laugh...

  3. LOL! What witty answers for your mummy! And it's good that you already have prudence sense at such a young age! Bravo!

  4. girl once talked to me like dat too...i m tired. Dont want to talk...but sometimes i also talk to her the same way when i m tired...hahah

    **btw, do email me ur mailing add so i can post the bookmark to you. TQ.

  5. I took photo in front of the fountain too! But dint toss any coins inside... hehe

  6. Hahaha...she is so witty. So cute. Good lah she talks so well means she is a smart girl.

  7. 4 years old can said the most darer words, don't play play!! So cute!

  8. hahaha...kid's talks are very funny and true.

  9. haha so mommy "eat lemon" loh keke

  10. How thoughtful and definitely a cunning young lady!


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