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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Presents

I would like to thank all the aunties and uncle (Kau-foo) who generously showered me with so many birthday presents...

I received the most number of presents this year (compared to previous years)

Enjoyed opening them one by one, with daddy and mummy's help, of course

This is definitely my favourite! Bubble wrap! (that came with Auntie Ivy's present)

And here they are, in no particular order...

2 boxes of Spelling and Time puzzles from Auntie BS. Thank you, Auntie BS!

Bubble gun with flashing lights from Koo-Koo. Thank you, Koo-koo!

Lego from Daddy and Mummy.

Aqua Beads from Kau-foo. Thank you, Kau-foo!

Disney Princesses Lenticular Puzzle from Tai Koo-ma. Thank you, Tai Koo-ma!

Coin box and coloured markers from Auntie Ivy. Thank you, Auntie Ivy! (The Bear-Bear coin box was immediately "fed" with Gung-Gung and Ah Ma's ang-pau money)

T-shirt from Auntie Moon. Thank you, Auntie Moon!

I also received something by Poslaju today. It was from a very kind and thoughtful mummy blogger, Auntie Kathy (Smallkucing's mummy).

See... birthday over already, still got people sending me present!

Photo frame painting set from Auntie Kathy. Thank you, Auntie Kathy!

Once again, a big THANK YOU to all for the wonderful gifts. I love them all!


  1. many pressies! Chloe must have been very happy unwrapping the presents. :)

  2. wow .. all also very nice nice pressie ...can share with Jeremy ?? hahhah .... and is true .. is NICE to be a GIRL :P

  3. so many gifts!

    so good. let uncle play oke ke?

  4. Chloe is so blessed and lucky. So many gifts. I like the Lego that you parents bought the most.

  5. Ha hah.... I think most kids love the bubble wrap!

    Chloe is really lucky to receive so many lovely gifts! ;)

  6. many awesome gifts :) chloe is one lucky girl.

  7. SO many pressie....Happy girl!!

  8. happy birthday beautiful!!

    must be cool opening so many presents how? lots of fun too. :)

    have a nice day!
    jen @

  9. Wah so many presents! she's one lucky girl!

  10. So many pressies!!

    Happy belated birthday Chloe!!

  11. Lucky girl! So hv u started playing with the huge lego set yet?

  12. im eye-ing on lego for krys also le. i still owe princess Chloe a pressie ok... shall see you next month ^o^ hehehehe *wink*

  13. Wah ! so lucky to receive so many gifts. Jeremy can only receive gifts from the papa and mama. If need to receive that many, Jeremy said papa and mama need to hold a birthday party only then people come with presents wor!!!! Chloe is growing more and more pretty leh!!!!!!!

  14. You are welcome.. I must buy something for her, at least a toy or craft, baru she got interested hor. hehe

  15. many b'day pressies. Lucky Chloe.

  16. Happy Belated Birthday to dear Chloe! Many nice presents you had there :-)

  17. My goodness... that's a lot of presents... lucky Chloe!

    Happy Belated Birthday, Chloe!

  18. wah such a lucky girl, so many pressie. No wonder she looking forward her 5th birthday haha

  19. A happy belated Birthday to Chloe, all the best to this sweet beautiful young girl!:)


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