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Friday, August 20, 2010

Can't Wait To Be 5 Years Old

Can you believe it, I just celebrated my fourth birthday a few days ago and yesterday, I kept telling mummy "I can't wait to be 5 years old. I really can't wait to be 5 years old". Well, what's the hurry to grow up, you might wonder. It's because of this...

I wanted to paint this really badly and the recommended age was 5 haha!

Since I was so eager, mummy decided to lend me a helping hand and allowed me to open the pack.

Painting the frame

Painting the cow

The finer details like the black spots on the cow and the yellow flowers on the frame were done by mummy. She was afraid that I might ruin the whole thing if she were to let me do it on my own.

Blow-drying to hasten the drying process. We learned this from here.

Applying a coat of varnish to the painted frame

Adding the finishing touches to my moo-moo cow frame... giving it two cute googly eyes

Tada... done! Nice or not?

My moo-moo frame sitting among other frames on the drawer chest

Thank you again to Auntie Kathy for this terrific gift! Mummy and I enjoyed painting it very, very much!


  1. Very nice =)

    My house will be full of philip's photo soon. I thought..why keen in the hard disk? Must as well print them and frame n put around the house..cheaper deco than deco stuff right..

  2. Wow!! This is nice! Well done Chloe, mummy also did a good job, the small flower look lovely!

  3. wow! she did it so beautifully. Really have talent lah! :D

  4. I see... you are actually an artist!^-^ Juan Juan had a set of this too(from parenthood expo), but the result wasn't as terrific as yours! Well done mommy and Chloe!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Yes, good job! the coloring is so neat!

  6. NICEly done there.. very neat work too :)

  7. very nice work ! Lucky she allow you to help her on those finer details else might ruin the whole thing, hehe...

  8. Very very nice piece of artworkk!!! You r such a great artist!!! Now you don't have to be 5yrs old in order to do this activity!! Mummy will help you from now onn. Good job!
    Jen @

  9. Wow! What a lovely "moo-moo cow" photo frame!! :)

  10. oh..the frame is so cute. i wana ask aunty Kathu where she bought it.

  11. Very nice painting & the last touch-up ~ the moo moo cow's eyes are cute :-)

  12. That is very nicely done!!! Such an attractive photo frame:) Mummy and daughter make a great team!

  13. What a thoughtful gift from Kathy :-). And Chloe and mummy did a wonderful job on the frame... very nice :-)

  14. Nice art frame. haha why so coincidence?? You know my Chloe also asking me "Mommy I not yet 5 years old ar?? "Next year". "Oh, I'm 4 years old only. Who birthday today??". "No one" wahaha

  15. This was really a nice art time that you spent with Chloe.


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