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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekend Getaway at PGH

Yes, we stayed here AGAIN... my 6th time. I have been staying in this hotel (Palace of the Golden Horses) since I was a 4-month-old baby...

My first hotel stay in PGH at 4 months old (Dec 2006)

My 6th hotel stay in PGH at 4 years old

OK, we are not going to talk about the hotel and this English hi-tea set anymore haha... (Already been mentioned here)

2 Hi-tea sets at the Grand Salon

The other set was for Auntie Irene and her family, who joined us for a night's stay at the hotel.

Yum-yum... enjoying my "boxing chicken" with Krystal

Yipee yayyay! Swimming time!

Running excitedly to the pool... so cute

Splish-splashing in the wading pool

I tried on the water slide for the very first time, accompanied by daddy. Watch us go wheeeeeee!
Right behind us were Krys and her daddy, who were really slow and steady and "splash-less" haha. How did they do it??

We brought our water-shooting toys along (this time, we remembered!)

Nice shot by Krys!

It was so fun, I refused to leave, even after spending nearly 1 hour in the pool! As usual, mummy had to lure me out using these two magic words: bubble bath

I love bubble baths!

After bath, it was about 5pm and I refused to take my afternoon nap so we headed to The MINES Shopping Fair for shopping and dining. I had a 1-hour nap on my stroller while daddy and mummy shopped around. Avoiding the buka puasa crowd, we finally had our dinner supper at Secret Recipe at 9pm!

Daddy's creamy mozarella pasta with prawn and mushroom, mummy's vegetarian soba, my mini burgers with alphabet fries and our free slice of tiramisu cake (tapau-ed back to the hotel)

Back in the hotel room, Auntie Irene came over to chit-chat with mummy while Krys and I busied ourselves with the pen and note-pads on the table...

Scribble, scribble, scribble...

Habis... not a single page was spared from our doodlings, including the brown base haha!

I drew this earlier in the afternoon, with the numbers 6618 written above the cute creature... empat-ekor anyone? Hehe...


  1. what a fun getaway :) so relaxing too. i bet everyone had a lot of fun. the food at the palace is delicious. do you get to eat there for free?

  2. It's not free la, Barb. The tea set is quite reasonably priced, which explains why we keep going back for the same thing :)

  3. Nice outing! Chloe and Krystal very friend friend. I bet the girls had a wonderful time playing together..

  4. Wah...this was your 6th time to PGH. What a lucky girl. :)

    The kids had so much fun in the pool. Nice.

  5. Sounds like fun!! Great to see the girls having a good time together.

  6. Sounds like fun :D

    I think the ones who enjoyed the most the is girls hahahaa

  7. Nice short get away, i bet everyone sure have so much fun, not only kids, adults too? :)

  8. wah...hotel stay again. what's the celebration?

    the english hi-tea looked so delicious...

  9. Hotel stay again.... wah, aunty is drop dead envy now! ^-^


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