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Friday, October 1, 2010

Celebrating Daddy & Mummy's 10 Years of Wedded Bliss

Ten years ago on this date (1st Oct 2000), daddy and mummy tied the knot. Today, on their 10th Anniversary, we celebrate the ten long years of tremendous love and joy brought about by this wonderful union.

Daddy took a day off from work again to spend this special day with us. I went to school as usual in the morning. After school, we checked-in to this hotel again... The Grand Millenium Hotel, right in the heart of the thriving Jalan Bukit Bintang in KL. It was the same hotel where we celebrated my birthday two months ago (because daddy bought a 2-night package).

Our room on the 12th floor

Next, we went to Pavilion for lunch and window shopping. We had a very simple lunch at the Food Republic.

Left: Mummy's Hakka Lui Cha Right: My kon-lou pan mee

Left: Daddy's fried carrot cake Right: Durian Smoothie

After lunch, we walked all the way to the Wing's Cafe (in the Lim Kok Wing University) to buy dessert... the absolutely heavenly Durian Smoothie! Even me, a durian-hater, took a FEW sips of it and said that it was GOOD haha!

After gulping down the sinfully rich smoothie, we went back to Pavilion to continue with our shopping.

All smiles... playing happily with a cute baby in Parkson

After shopping, we went back to the hotel to nap/rest and freshen up before going for dinner.

Snuggling comfortably with daddy

Sitting at my favourite corner again while enjoying a piece of madeleine

View from our room window... Left: Hotel's swimming pool. Right: Pavilion shopping mall

Ready to go for dinner

We had a very scrumptious buffet dinner in one of the hotel's restaurants called The Mill.

The warm and cosy ambience of the restaurant

Enjoying my meal. I loved the bread-stick the most. I had 3 bread-sticks on top of my meal and downed the whole, big glass of water!

Frowning at a yummy dessert

It was a very satisfying meal and this voucher settled the bill

After dinner, there was still time for a short stroll in Fahrenheit 88, the latest shop spot in town (which was just directly opposite the hotel). And in that very short, half-an-hour stroll, daddy ended up burning a BIG hole in his pocket!

Back at the hotel room, mummy couldn't stop smiling at the bling-bling on her sparkling new ring. Daddy bought a pair of "couple rings" so that they could renew their marriage vows again... witnessed by who else but me!

A cake to end the celebration... this very yummy cheesecake was also complimentary from the hotel.

I also wished them "Happy Nursery!" (deliberately said "nursery" instead of "anniversary") many times today.


  1. whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa new diamond ring! eeeeeeek! sure kenot stop smiling the whole day and probably weeks n months lor! hahaha! happy anniversary guys, may you guys grow old till cucu cicit together! love u guys!

  2. LOL! Tengkiu.... the ring is to compensate for my lost wedding ring ler. Sad case lah... u remember that unfortunate incident or not??

  3. Diamong, Diamond , bling bling bling! Happy 10 anniversary to you sweet couple. Wishing you both lou fu lou chai , pak tao dou lou, hehhe!

  4. Still smiling? :)

    Happy 10th Anniversary!! You deserved the ring.... bling bling

    Chloe is so sweet and getting prettier everyday....

  5. Wah, so much nice food! Sure your mummy and daddy had an unforgettable trip! So do you ya~

    Have a nice day!

  6. Happy 10th anniversary!! Way to go, mummy & daddy!!!!

  7. Happy 10th anniversary!.. many many 10 years to come ....
    :P btw, nice celebration

  8. Happy anniversary, more lovely 'Nursery' to come my friend!^-^ You hubby is such a romantic person, I will definitely put up my smile for the entire month if my husband gave me a ring as annniversary gift!!

    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  9. nice. happy anniversary :) eh, did you also celebrate your previous anniversary at a hotel? i think i read it before :)

  10. Thanks for all the nice wishes, everyone :)

    Mommy to Chumsy: I couldn't remember how we celebrated our anniv last year and had to refer to my archive haha. Well, we went for a day trip to Berjaya Hills (Bukit Tinggi)last year, no hotel stay :)

  11. Happy 10th Anniversary to your Daddy and Mummy!

  12. Show la..ur diamond ring.....
    I always like diamond ring....ehehheheeh

    Happy Anniversary.

  13. So envy with your Bling Bling Ring ! keke...

  14. Wohoo..a diamond ring.Anyway, Happy Anniversary!! It was a sweet one you had.

  15. Happy Anniversary.....

    Such a wonderful celebration plus hotel stay and not forgetting that bling bling on your finger. hehe

  16. Happy Anniversary! Such a wonderful "bling bling" ring to commemorate 10 years of wedded bliss! Should keep you smiling from ear to ear for the next 10 years!

  17. LittleLamb: Not showing it here lah... so show-off meh haha. Will put it in my private blog later..

    Thank you to all the lovely mummies for the wishes. I wish you all the same too! :)

  18. Happy 10 years Anniversary. Haha we still got a free nite stay and complimentary buffet. So which floor you stay? I found some pillow is stingy smell leh. Oh my gal snap a photo on the same spot at the window panel too, wonder it's a same room with yours.

  19. oopss typo error shd be stinky pillow.

  20. Happy 10th Anniversary to Mummy and Daddy! Yes..I will always remember your wedding anniversary and my birthday/anniversary are on the same day..haha.

    Later I go over your other blog and check out your new bling bling. Your Hubby is the best husband in the world. :) and a good daddy too.

  21. Happy Anniversary! : ) Did you tell daddy mummy you want a brother or sister? ;P Sorry aunty irene being cheeky here

  22. Wow! Sweet! Celebrate anniversary in the hotel and also a diamond ring. This was a so very fantatic day.

  23. What a special celebration for a special occasion. Happy 10th Anniversary to Chloe's mommy & daddy!

  24. Hapi belated anniversary!!

    Nice and romantic...hubby and I never celebrate our anniversary... :(

  25. Happy 10th Anniversary! May you and your hb stay loving always :)


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